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MARCH 03-11, 2023

Sex Dalmatian follows the adventures of a canine business-mogul, her too-eager assistant Amalia and her psychosexually charged arch nemesis Mr. Meeks. The titular character will be played by all five members of Rock Bottom Movement, rotating parts each episode, as a means to decentralize a single identity as a lead character. Sex Dalmatian places heavy feelings into bizarre containers, shining a humorous light on some of the darker corners of the collective consciousness. 

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MARCH 24-25, 2023

Citadel + Compagnie is thrilled to have our presenter-in-residence back for their three-part performance series Allies and Friends. This mixed bill fuses poetry and movement for an evening of intimate and insightful performances by Rodney Diverlus, Meryem Alaoui, and collective’s artists Bakari Lindsay, Claire Whitaker, Charles C. Smith, Walter McClean and Rachel Gauntlet.

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APRIL 13-15, 2023

Trilogy of BEing is a series of solos charting the extraordinary career of KasheDance’s Artistic Director Kevin A. Ormsby. Distinctly different, each explore themes of blackness, survival, love under duress, and the environment. The work is bi-national (Canada / United States) and features a diversity of performance styles from modern jazz dance, performance art and contemporary dance steeped in the tradition of butoh. 


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Classics + New Creations

The Citadel is home to its own dance company. Founded in 2000 and led by Artistic Director Laurence Lemieux, the company is known for its creative processes and intimate performances. Through remount initiatives, the company also dedicates itself to the preservation of important Canadian dance work, making available iconic repertoire to a new generation of dancers.

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Supporting Artists with Opportunities

Expanding on the company’s existing values of inclusion, collaboration, accessibility and trust, Citadel + Compagnie is furthering its impact by creating more space for more artists at its home, The Citadel: Ross Centre for Dance. Currently we offer four pillars of engagement: The Creative Incubator Pilot Project, Company-in-Residence, Presenter-in-Residence and Lead Community Partner.

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