Director and choreographer: James Kudelka

May 22-25, May 29-June 1, 2019 at 8pm

Post-show audience talkback: Thursday May 30 with James Kudelka, James Rolfe and Alex Poch-Goldin, moderated by Danielle Baskerville.

Presented by Citadel + Compagnie through Bright Nights

The guidebook of decadence. James Kudelka’s music/dance theatrical, adapts author JorisKarl Huysman’s scandalous 1884 novel of bourgeois excess, and aesthetic contemplation. The story of Jean des Esseintes, an eccentric, recluse who loathes 19thcentury Parisian society and retreats into an obsessive, artistic, and indulgent world of his own creation that ravages his mind and body. Featuring original music by James Rolfe, and libretto by Alex PochGoldin. 

Laurence Lemieux 
Alexander Dobson
Korin Thomas-Smith

Original music: James Rolfe
Libretto:  Alex Poch-Goldin
Piano: Steven Philcox
Violin: Parmela Attariwala
Cello: Carina Reeves

Lighting Design: Simon Rossiter
Costume Design: Jim Searle & Chris Tyrell/Hoax Couture
Projection Design: Jeremy Mimnagh
Set Design: Joe Pagnan
Puppet Design: Nell Coleman
Rehearsal Assistant: Danielle Baskerville

It all makes for an intense theatrical experience in which conventions of dance, opera and theatre are not so much abandoned as reshaped and combined to evoke the central theme of a man in search of himself, yet unwilling to trust in any God…Against Nature is a must-see. – Michael Crabb, The Toronto Star 

An exceptional theatrical experience, beautifully harnessing movement, lyrics and music in an evocative and unique way.  Wonderfully performed and full of emotional detail.  Not to be missed. – Atom Egoyan

Nominated for a 2016 Dora Mavor Moore Award for Outstanding Production