“An exceptional theatrical experience, beautifully harnessing movement, lyrics and music in an evocative and unique way.  Wonderfully performed and full of emotional detail.  Not to be missed.” – Atom Egoyan

“James Kudelka’s choreography effects a rare balance in that he uses the bodies of the performers as subtexts that interrogate the excesses of Huysman’s text.” – Plays to See (complete with a five-star rating!)

“…they create beautiful moments and tableaux in the piece which bring out its inherent mixed emotions.” – Mooney on Theatre

“To hear the breathing, and the inhalation before a word sung, the rustle of a silk gown six feet away, the sweat flying off a dancer, it just may be this kind of intimacy that is the future of theatre “in a world that’s at its end…” –Interview with James Kudelka on The Whole Note.

Against Nature can’t be quantified or pinned down, it is a striking mix of genres that takes its lead from an allegedly ‘poisonous French novel'” – Broadway World.

Interview with James Kudelka on CBC Radio’s Here and Now (starts at 2:45)

Interview with Laurence Lemieux on CBC Radio-Canada: Y a pas deux matins pareils

“There is so much creativity around. Against Nature is a pure example of this melding of art forms together.” – An interview with Alex Dobson on James Strecker Reviews The Arts.

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