With just days before the premiere of Alone Together at The Citadel, Bright Nights choreographers Jane-Alison McKinney and Naishi Wang sat down with the Toronto Guardian.

“There she was is a wildly physical piece about escape, chaos, and the complexities of humanity. It’s probably the most challenging and personal thing I’ve ever made, so I’m really looking forward to sharing it. I’m a little nervous too!” says Jane-Alison. “The Citadel in an incredible space for dance, it’s really a dream to be a part of it.” Read about Jane-Alison’s creative process here.

Naishi Wang on his solo: “The work is about using breath and air as a possible resource for us to communicate with each other, others, and the universe. The concept/choreography and performance is by myself.” More about Naishi’s creative process here.

© Marc J Chalifoux Photography 2017

Choreography by Jane-Alison McKinney and Naishi Wang
April 11-14, 2018 at 8pm
Presented by C+C through Bright Nights
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Alone Together is a double bill of two richly complex and provocative solos; There she was choreographed and performed by Jane-Alison McKinney, and Taking Breath – choreographed and performed by Naishi Wang. The absorbing works share a rigorous physical expression and search for human connection with their audience; one, a reflection on a chaotic reality, and the other, a reminder to breathe.