Toronto Premiere
February 20-22, 2020
Choreographer: Sébastien Provencher
Presented by Citadel + Compagnie through Bright Nights

Friday, Feb. 21: Post-show audience talkback hosted by Louis Laberge-Côté (more information here)

From a fashion show to a football field, from femininity to hypermasculinity, Children of Chemistry both confronts and questions the notion of manliness. In a repetitive dance with popular and sporting references, Provencher tackles stereotypes of masculinity. Hailed as “poignant performance” this Toronto premiere is a captivating piece that invites audiences to imagine the masculine through a different lens. 

Miguel Anguiano
Jean-Benoit Labrecque
Louis-Elyan Martin
Alexandre Morin
Simon Renaud

Lighting designer: Nancy Bussières
Music composition: Hani Debbache
Rehearsal director: Helen Simard

“Provencher takes a fresh look at the notion of social identification of the sexes (and) denounces it while sending an optimistic message against a cultural closure of minds still very significant in our time.” – DF Danse

“Let’s queer up the world together.” – Review by Susan Walker here

For the CHILDREN OF CHEMISTRY media page, including high res photos, and press release, please click here.

Alexandre Morin, Simon Renaud, Jean-Benoit Labrecque, Miguel Anguiano, Louis-Elyan Martin / Photo by Vanessa Fortin

Jean-Benoit Labrecque, Miguel Anguiano, Alexandre Morin, Louis-Elyan Martin and Jossua Collin / Photo by Justine Latour

This project has been made possible (in part) by the Government of Canada.