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Citadel + Compagnie

Citadel + Compagnie is an artistic and community entity with a dual purpose. It is at once both place and people.

Citadel + Compagnie is a dance organization with its home, The Citadel: Ross Centre for Dance, embedded within the Regent Park community of downtown Toronto. Through its creation, curation and cultivation of contemporary dance, Citadel + Compagnie’s mission is to make a significant and lasting contribution to dance in Canada.

In 2017, the company formally became Citadel + Compagnie (previously Coleman Lemieux & Compagnie), to better reflect the stabilizing effect the ownership of The Citadel has had on the organization and its influence on the company’s mandate of nurturing creative excellence while fostering cultural participation.

The Citadel: Ross Centre for Dance is a remarkable building nestled in the Regent Park neighbourhood of Toronto. Since 2012, The Citadel has established itself as an open and welcoming space for artists to rehearse, create and perform, and where the community can learn, communicate, and share.

A former Salvation Army Citadel, the company purchased the building in 2007 and renovated it into the cultural beacon it has become today, including studio, office and theatre space.

The Citadel plays host to a range of presentation platforms and residency programs for some of Canada’s most interesting choreographers and dance companies. It is also the home of Compagnie de la Citadelle, the Citadel Dance Program, and neighbour Toronto Council Fire’s Indigenous dance program, First Fire.

The Building
Image of the exterior of The Citadel with blue sky and clouds reflected in windows

Compagnie de la Citadelle is the professional dance company within Citadel + Compagnie. Founded in 2000, the Compagnie is known for its creative processes and intimate performances of classic works and new creations. Through remount initiatives, the Compagnie also dedicates itself to the preservation of important Canadian dance work, making available iconic repertoire to a new generation of dance artists.

Repertoire + Bookings
Julie et l'univers

As artistic director of Citadel + Compagnie for nearly two decades, Laurence Lemieux has established herself as a leader within Toronto’s dance community. Her multi-faceted experience as a dancer, choreographer, teacher and presenter has guided the company’s mandate of community outreach and engagement and given rise to C+C’s distinctive artistic voice.

Our People
A female dance performs in front of sign.

Lisa Richter Davey, ChairWilliam Milne, TreasurerPatricia Fraser, SecretaryTerry GardinerJanet Minor