Photographer Credit: Aleksander Antonijevic


May 19 – May 26, 2020








unmoored was shown from May 19 – 26, 2020 and is no longer available for viewing. To learn more about Peggy Baker Dance Projects please visit their website or follow them on social media (links at top of page). Donations towards all artists presented through Citadel Online remain open and can be made via the links found at the bottom of this page.

Artist Statement:

It feels quite strange to be sharing this work via an archival recording, because unmoored was conceived as an intimate exchange with an audience who play a crucial role in holding the weight othe stories with me. However, when I passed the archival footage on to two of my colleagues who had not seen it in performance to ask their opinion about sharing it in this format, they both felt that viewing unmoored alone, in the quiet of their own homes, opened it to a deep resonance with the details of their own lives. And so, for the week that this work is being shared on-line, I will listen in the silence to hold the weight of the stories of love and loss that arise for those of you watching.  


Title: unmoored

Year: Bright Nights 2018/19

Original Dates of Performance: May 1 – 4, 2019

Choreography + Direction: Sarah Chase

Text + Performance: Peggy Baker

Sound Design: Debashis Sinha

Arabic Vocalist: Maryem Hassan Tollar

Lighting Design: Marc Parent

Technical Direction + Stage Management: Gabriel Cropley



In 2003 I turned to the dance artist Sarah Chase to make a work for me. Sarah creates in a genre she describes as dancestories, and prior to working together she set me the task of writing two stories for every year of my life. When the time came to go into the studio together, I told Sarah that there was one aspect of my life that I hadn’t written about, and could not share in the public sphere. Sarah agreed to my caveat, and we went on to create a piece titled The Disappearance of Right and Left. In March of 2017, I sat down at a desk, in a small room, in a huge house in Bogliasco, Italy to remember and write the stories I had not been ready to share. Over the next months, Sarah and I worked together to distill my writing as a dancestory titled unmoored. The episodes I recount in unmoored describe events during the 20-year arc of my marriage to the musician, composer, and disability rights activist, Ahmed Hassan.

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