Citadel COVID-19 Protocols and Guidelines for Renters

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Safety Protocols

We at the Citadel: Ross Centre for Dance feel that it is of utmost importance that our community members feel safe while using our spaces.

We have developed the following guidelines to ensure that all proper health and safety procedures recommended by public health authorities are being adhered to by all users of our spaces. We take this responsibility very seriously, and we are relying on all visitors and renters to do the same – we need your support and co-operation so that we can operate in a way that keeps us all safe!

Renters wishing to book space should get in touch with our Rentals Manager, Marianna Rosato, via email at to inquire about availability.

 All renters will be required to complete a formal rental contract that expands on the guidelines set out below in more detail. Renters will be required to submit their completed contract prior to their rental being approved. All payments must be made two days in advance of the scheduled start day via electronic transfer only.

Rental payments are non-refundable unless the booking has to be cancelled as a result of the renter, or someone in their party, contracting or coming in to contact with COVID-19.

Please note that there are currently no performances or showings of any kind allowed in either of our spaces.

Rental pricing: 

All rentals must be in 1-hour increments. All rentals of 2 hours or less will have an additional charge applied to cover the cost of cleaning the space in between users. There will be a one hour buffer in-between all rentals to allow for a thorough cleaning of the space and for the air systems to circulate fresh air into the room.

Not-for-profit rental rates (no tech required)

Rental Prices

Mimi Herrndorf Studio Theatre
(Studio A)

Jean Soper Studio
(Studio B)

$25 per hour (2 hour minimum)$20 per hour (2 hour minimum)
$50 per hour with technician (4 hour minimum)
The Citadel does not charge HST on rentals.

Please email to inquire about pricing for commercial/film rates, or any bookings requiring the technician. The Citadel staff reserve the right to refuse any booking that they feel puts employees or other users of the building at risk.


Rental user guidelines:


Masks must be worn at all times when 2-metres of physical distance between individuals cannot be followed.

It is not required that dancers working alone in a studio wear a mask.

It is not required that dancers working in the studio wear a mask while dancing, however it is required that anyone else in the room (choreographer, designer, outside eye, etc) wear a mask to protect them from airborne droplets.

If masks cannot be worn due to the nature of the activity of the artists in the studio, then a 2-metre physical distance must be maintained between individuals. 

Masks must be worn at all times when in the washrooms and in the lobby.


The front door will remain locked at all times. Remote entry is available for renters by ringing the doorbell.

Visitors and renters are asked to either use the hand sanitizer available the front desk immediately upon entering, or to proceed directly to a washroom to wash hands.

We require that the self-health check and contact tracing questionnaire be filled out by each visitor to the Citadel once daily. This form is available via QR codes posted at the front desk so that it can be submitted without physical contact.

No cash payments for rentals – all rentals must be paid in advance via electronic transfer.

Buffer times are scheduled in between rentals to allow for a through cleaning of the space and for sufficient fresh air to be circulated into the room.

Renters must arrive no more than 5 minutes before their scheduled start time.

Renters must exit the building no more than 10 minutes after their scheduled end time to allow for the cleaner to begin disinfecting the space.

In the studio

Studio and theatre doors must be kept open at all times to allow more air flow into the spaces and to reduce the spread of germs via door handles and push bars. The thermostats have been locked off to run at the optimal settings to allow as much fresh air in as possible and cannot be adjusted by renters.

Maximum Capacity

Lobby Area 8 people
Jean Soper Studio 18 people
Mimi Herrndorf
Studio Theatre
26 people
Lindy Green Wing 8 people


To avoid having more than one person in a small space, only the accessible washroom at the lobby level will remain in use.

Both the men’s and women’s washrooms/change rooms adjacent to the lower studio will remain closed until further notice.

Change rooms and showers are closed. Please arrive in the clothes you will be wearing for your rental.

The Lindy Green Wing greenroom is closed. 

Only pre-filled water bottles are permitted at this time. Eating is not allowed in the studios or lobby.

Outdoor shoes are to be removed and placed on designated mats or taped off areas at the doors of the studios. Renters are encouraged to bring a bag to place shoes in.

No bare feet allowed outside of studios.

Spray bottles with alcohol and paper towels are available in both the studio and the theatre so that if renters would like to do so, they may sanitize any high touch surfaces at the start and end of their time.

For cleanliness reasons, renters are not permitted to go into the booth or use any of the tools or equipment in the theatre. The auxiliary cord for access to the sound system will still be available at the dance floor level.


Maximum occupancy for the man-lift elevator remains at 2 people. Due to the enclosed space masks must be worn at all times in the elevator.

Responsibilities of the Renter

Unannounced visitors will not be permitted. 

Renters are responsible for submitting a list of anyone who will be in attendance during their booking along with their rental contract.

Socializing in the lobby before or after your rental is discouraged. We ask that you leave as soon as possible so that fresh air can be cycled into the spaces before the next renter arrives.

Any staff, renter, or visitor who begins to experience any COVID-19 symptoms while at the Citadel must go home immediately and follow Telehealth directives. Anyone with symptoms will not be permitted to return to the building until they are symptom-free.