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Four Old Legs: The Film adapts James Kudelka’s original adored stage production, featuring iconic Canadian ballerina Evelyn Hart and Moldovan-Canadian dancer Zhenya Cerneacov, to the screen. Described by the Globe and Mail as “a profoundly moving duet” the work celebrates time, memory and experience, and is performed to a playlist from Chopin to Judy Garland to Talking Heads. Four Old Legs: The Film will be directed by Oscar-nominated Barbara Willis Sweete and captured at the historic Betty Oliphant Theatre.

Citadel + Compagnie has secured $50,000 towards the development of Four Old Legs: The Film and is seeking an additional $250,000 to bring the project to life. Funds raised above and beyond the total goal of $300,000 will go towards the James Kudelka Living Dance Fund, developed to support a larger legacy project that employs digital solutions to pay tribute to the extensive artistic contributions Kudelka has made to dance in Canada.


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Citadel LIVE is Citadel + Compagnie’s new feature livestream series. Launched in 2020/21, the series rises above the limitations imposed by the pandemic to allow live dance performance to shine in the digital space. Directed by Oscar-nominated Barbara Willis Sweete – former livestream director at New York’s Metropolitan Opera – the series employs experts in the field of performing arts filmmaking to bring the ephemeral nature of dance to audiences through the screen. 

Citadel + Compagnie is proud to be finding innovative ways to continue to support artists and bring art to audiences in these uncertain, pandemic times. Citadel LIVE embraces the necessity for change and commits to the development of online presentation models that elevate the performing arts. 

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Citadel + Compagnie is an award-winning Toronto-based professional dance organization that creates, produces and presents works on local, national and international scales from its home The Citadel: Ross Centre for Dance. Through its  creation, curation and cultivation of contemporary dance, C+C’s mission is to make a significant and lasting contribution to dance in Canada. 

C+C’s repertoire is eclectic, daring and technically sophisticated. A visually rich, emotionally arresting tapestry nourished by talented choreographers and gifted artists and collaborators from many disciplines. Through remount initiatives, the company also dedicates itself to the preservation of important Canadian dance work and makes iconic repertoire available to a new generation of dancers and audiences, including the work of renowned choreographer James Kudelka. 

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Help us maintain The Citadel: Ross Centre for Dance 

Since 2007, C+C has renovated, revamped and transformed The Citadel, a former Salvation Army Citadel in Regent Park, into a place where artists rehearse, create and perform and where the community learns, explores and shares. Most recently, C+C completed the addition of The Lindy Green Wing, a much-anticipated safe and peaceful dressing room adjacent to the theatre. 

The Citadel is an integral part of its local community and is host to multiple outreach initiatives including The Citadel Dance Program, delivering free dance education to local children and youth, and community partner Toronto Council Fire’s Indigenous dance program First Fire. 

Your thoughtful gift in any amount helps us strengthen and deepen our impact here on our doorstep in Regent Park, across Canada and beyond. 

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Our Supporters

Citadel + Compagnie wishes to express its deep gratitude towards the following supporters whose significant lifetime giving of over $100,000 has helped us create not only The Citadel: Ross Centre for Dance but has also helped with our operations, productions and tours. Thank you!

Gretchen & Donald Ross
Felicia Ross
David & Torunn Banks
The Delaney Family Foundation
The Lindy Green Family Charitable Foundation
Gail Hutchison
Janice Lewis & Mitchel Cohen
Jerry & Joan Lozinski
Jim & Sandra Pitblado
Robin Vaile Robinson



Citadel LIVE
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Night Shift 2020
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Canada Council for the Arts
Ontario Arts Council
Toronto Arts Council
Government of Canada
Government of Ontario
Ontario Trillium Foundation


Jumpstart Sport Relief Fund**
Woodbridge Investments Corporation


Community One Foundation
The Delaney Family Foundation
Hal Jackman Foundation*
Bill Morneau & Nancy McCain Foundation**


Canada’s National Ballet School


$25,000 and above

Jerry & Joan Lozinski*
Jim & Sandra Pitblado*

$10,000 to $24,999

Jim Fleck*
Susan E. Hunter
Robin Vaile Robinson*

$5,000 to $9,999

David Binet*
Ricardo Gomez-Inausti
Robert Sirman*

$500 to $4,999

Trevor & Lynly Bailie* (In honour of James Kudelka)
Lisa Richter Davey*
Rachel Davies
Terry Gardiner (In honour of Heather Janack)
Maureen Kudelka*
Lynn McDonald
William Milne*
Barbara & Kit Moore*
Pamela Steele*
Denny Young*

$10 to $499

Charissa Bagan
Peggy Baker (In memory of Dan Wild)
Danielle Baskerville
Carolynn Bett
Lo Bil
Phillip Buddle
Valerie Buddle
Valerie Calam
Ginelle Chagnon
Jen Chow

Judith C. Cole*
Joan Curran
Barbara deKat
Valerie Desilets
Petrija Dos Santos (In honour of Camille Rojas)
Sandra Dudley
Helen Emanuel*
Cheryl Epstein*
Marign Eterman
Dorothy Fisher
Lorne Fox
Dianne Fraser
Susan Fulop*
Christina Giannelia
Holly Giroux
Jenn Goodwin
Normand Hector
Joanna Ivey
Suzanne M Jaeger
Robert Johnston*
Shauna Kadyschuk
Jacob Kay
Peter Kelly (In memory of Paul Kelly)
Fides Krucker (In memory of Ed Krucker)
Cheryl LaFrance*
Brenda Lee
Pansy Lee
Christiane Lemieux
Lilia Leon
Brianna Lombardo
Deborah Lundmark
Susan MacPherson*
A + M Marcovitz
Judy McCaughley
Heather McKee
Julia McNally
Kirsten Moy
Yvonne Ng
Chinh Nguyen
Jacob Niedzwiecki
Selma Odom
Monica Pain
Kenny Pearl (In honour of Patricia Beatty)
Raj Persaud
Joan Phillips

Erin Poole (In honour of Michael Bell)
Anthony Randazzo*
Walburga Maria Richter
Lucy Rupert
Karen Sasaki
Mandy Savery-Whiteway
Hannah Schallert
Pierre Schipper
Wanda Schmockel
Trevor Schwellnus
Kelly Scott*
Jim Scott & Jim Robertson
Indira Sen
Joysanne Sidimus*
Judith Smith
Rhondda Snary
Tijana Spasic
Jane Spooner*
Vicky St. Denys
Kathy Standeven
John Stanley*
Myra Stephen
Jini Stolk*
Annie Szamosi
Michael Trent
Gerry Trentham
Mary Ann West
Phylis Whyte
Mark Wihak
Greg Wilkiec
Kathia Wittenborn


*Supporter of James Kudelka Living Dance Fund


**Donation directly supports C+C’s Citadel Dance Program, providing free dance education in ballet and tap to children and youth living in Regent Park.


This list has been updated as of August 31, 2021. We apologize in advance for any omissions.