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allies and friends

April 8-9, 2022
8PM @ The Citadel
Livestream Apr. 9
Tickets: Not Currently Available
World Premiere

Livestream co-produced by Atlantic Ballet Atlantique Canada

wind in the leaves collective presents

allies and friends (April Edition)

Featuring works and performances by Morgyn Aronyk-Schell, Mayumi Lashbrook, Andrea Thompson, Ana Groppler, Braydon Cairns, Heidi Strauss, Charlie Petch, Sze-Yang Ade Lam, Kevin A. Ormsby, Jillia Cato, BaKari I. Lindsay

Run time is approximately 2 hours 10 minutes.

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Meet the Artists

Photo of wind in the leaves collective

wind in the leaves collective


The ‘wind in the leaves collective’ has developed a significant body of work over the past decade. Our unique approach to multi-disciplinary performance takes its lead from the artistic director’s poetry which is explored and choreographed by dancers, musicians and video artists.

This collaboration across disciplines has been successful in engaging audiences and building a profile for this type of performance.  The ‘collective’ is now staging performances with other artists that involve similar elements, i.e., connecting poetry with dance and music in creation and performance.  The ‘collective’ has been approached by the Citadel to curate performances and is now Presenter in Residence at the Citadel where selected artists will share the stage and advance the notion of poetry and dance as a seamless art form practiced by racialized and Indigenous artists and drawing from historic pre-colonial practices made contemporary.


After the Rain
Morgyn Aronyk-Schell and Mayumi Lashbrook

A Selected History of Soul Speak
Andrea Thompson and Ana Groppler

Night at the Opera
Brayden Cairns, Morgyn Aronyk-Schell, and Mayumi Lashbrook

between me and you
Heidi Strauss

Daughter of Geppetto
Charlie Petch, Sze-Yang Ade-Lam

Pending Ruin: Centuries of Survival After Next
Kevin A. Ormsby

Once Home, Twice at Peace
Jillia Cato

On looking thru the pages
BaKari I. Lindsay

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