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Bang Bang

March 1 – 2, 2019
Photo by Marilène Bastien

Show Credits

Choreography and Performance: Manuel Roque
Rehearsal Direction and Artistic Advice: Sophie Corriveau & Lucie Vigneault
Dramaturgy: PeterJames
Costumes and Scenography: Marilène Bastien
Lighting: Marc Parent
Music: Manuel Roque, including excerpts by Debussy, Chopin, Merzbow, 2001 Space Odyssey, Tarkowsky
Production Direction: Judith Allen

Part of the Bright Nights series

This presentation is supported by the Bureau du Québec à Toronto

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About the Show

bang bang
Choreographed and performed by Manuel Roque

bang bang is a personal—and therefore universal—contemporary ritual that allows the body to express itself at its most combative and desperate, at its most free.

A present-day study about surpassing oneself, bang bang is a stage creation for a kamikaze soloist that has resistance as a theme. The work follows a score that is also an ordeal. It both literally and figuratively questions the notion of performance, from the space of representation to the metaphors of our contemporary Western pace of life.