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November 21 – December 1, 2018
Photo by Darryl Hoskins

Show Credits

As she  shall  obtain  such  command  of  her  mass  vein  passageways
Choreographer: Allison Cummings
Performer: Kaitlin Standeven
Sound and Costume Designer:
Valerie Calam / Company Vice Versa
Lighting Designer: Simon Rossiter
Stage Manager: Jennifer Lee

Choreographer: DA Hoskins /The Dietrich Group 
Performers: Danielle Baskerville, Brodie Stevenson, Sébastien Provencher 
Video Artist: Nico Stagias
Audio Composition: Omar David Rivero
Lighting Designer: Angeline St. Amour
Stage Manager: Emilie Aubin

Choreographer: Tori Mehaffey
Performers: Luke Garwood, Daniel Gomez, Connor Mitton, Kelly Shaw
Lighting Designer: Simon Rossiter 
Costume Designer: Hoax Couture
Sound Designer: Tori Mehaffey
Stage Manager: Jennifer Lee

Part of the Bright Nights series

About the Show

Citadel Dance Mix 2018
Featuring works by Allison Cummings, Tori Mehaffey, and DA Hoskins

This inaugural seasonal triple bill features some of Toronto’s most daring and exciting dance creators, including C+C’s commission of Tori Mehaffey’s quartet.

As she  shall  obtain  such  command  of  her  mass  vein  passageways

Imagine a woman with the ability to power her heart’s blood flow out, and in turn retrieve all her body’s blood back to the heart chambers. This dance is an unraveling and despairing duet between a dancer and the desire to control.


LADY BABY follows a woman – her myth, her sexuality, her stories – into the very clutches of any one notion of ‘identity’. Is her identity hers alone? Or is she simply an idea the audience has formed of her through images that resonate with iconic, yet unsettling familiarity? 


Personal events we have distanced ourselves from for fear of the responses embedded within them.