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Photo by Jeremy Mimnagh

Citadel Dance Mix 2023

November 22-25, 2023
8PM @ The Citadel
Tickets: Not Currently Available

Citadel Dance Mix 2023 is presented in partnership with Dancemakers

and made possible (in part) by the Government of Canada.

Citadel LIVE Presents

Citadel Dance Mix 2023
Featuring works by Kéïta Fournier-Pelletier, Meghann Michalsky & Katherine Semchuk, and Sofía Ontiveros


Citadel Dance Mix is an annual program that celebrates exploration and experimentation. This year we are proud to present three works from four inquisitive emerging choreographers, demonstrating real variety and risk-taking. Audiences are invited to enjoy these radical works by some of Toronto’s very best.

Approximate run time is 1hr 30 minutes with pause and intermission.

Audience warning – these performances use haze and strobe effects.

Meet the Artists

Photo of Kéïta Fournier-Pelletier Photo by Kendra Epik

Kéïta Fournier-Pelletier


Kéïta Fournier-Pelletier is a queer, Métis, Franco-Manitoban artist from Treaty 1 territory (Manitoba)based in Tkaronto, Ontario. They are continuously discovering what these intersecting identities mean to them, and the role they play in their art as a dancer, choreographer and educator.

They are a graduate from Dance Arts Institute (formerly the School of Toronto Dance Theatre), and also hold a BFA in Performance and Choreography with summa cum laude from York University. They have performed and choreographed in festivals such as Skylines Film and Dance Series (Winnipeg), Toronto Fringe, SummerWorks Dance Festival, Covid Dance Hug TO, Bloom Festival. They have had the pleasure to work with artists like Aria Evans, Cole Alvis, Marie Lambin-Gagnon, Marjolein Vogels (Amsterdam), Clarice Lima (Brazil), and other distinguished artists. She has an interest in dance-theatre and interdisciplinary arts, and has collaborated as a choreographer and performer with Theatre Passe Muraille, Tarragon Theatre and lemonTree creations. Kéïta is interested in creating and performing works that questions power, heteronormativity, and other societal norms that reject her identity.  Her newest work Pillar of You, a queer dance-theatre piece explores themes of identity, childhood, and relationships, has been presented multiple times in Toronto through Citadel+Compagnie and in Hamilton through Aeris Körper.

Photo of Sofía Ontiveros Photo by Richie Lubaton

Sofía Ontiveros


Sofía Ontiveros is a dance artist and choreographer based in Tkaronto, Ontario and México. Sofía is a queer, white, Mexican woman, and carries these parts of her identity through her works by questioning and exploring social constructs and how they play on individual or interpersonal relationships. Sofia is a 2021 graduate from Toronto Metropolitan University’s The Creative School BFA Dance Program.

The TMU faculty chose her for the Lipson Family Endowment Award for an Emerging Choreographer. Her most recent works include Universo de textos, pt.1-6, live streamed online through Aluna Theatre’s CAMINOS 2021, Siéntate bien performed live at Underscore Projects through CREATO’s Nature with Nurture 2021 exhibition, and Ojalá… showcased at The Citadel’s Night Shift 2022, co-produced with Fall for Dance North.
Photo of Meghann Michalsky Photo by Rich Bridgewater

Meghann Michalsky

Choreographer / Performer

Meghann Michalsky is a dance artist working in Alberta. She is the co-creator of Project InTandem and YYC Contemporary Technique Training, two programs that offer opportunities to emerging artists in Canada. She was awarded the 2019 RBC Emerging Artist Award – she is the first Dancer/Choreographer to receive this award.

Since completing her BA in Contemporary Dance, with a concentration in Choreography and Performance, at the University of Calgary. She has rigorously pursued her training in Canada, Europe, and Israel. As a dancer, you’ve seen her dance for an array of individual artists and companies, including Karissa Barry, Laja Feild of LajaMartin, Davida Monk, Linnea Swan, kloetzel&co, & Dancers’ Studio West to name a few.

Her movement signature has been described as vigorous, raw, and intricate. Her knowledge of Hip-Hop and Krump movement principles has influenced her development of isolated, rhythmic, bound, and fast-twitch movement qualities into her contemporary choreographies.

Photo of Katherine Semchuk Photo by Kendra Erik

Katherine Semchuk

Choreographer / Performer

Originally from Amiskwaciwâskahikan (Edmonton), Katherine is a dance artist currently based in Tkaronto. An alumni of Victoria School of the Arts and The School of Toronto Dance Theatre, she has spent the last few years connecting with communities across Canada. Good Women Dance Collective (GWDC), Kaeja d’Dance, Mile Zero Dance, Nostos Collectives, The Platform TO, Peggy Baker, Shay Kuebler/Radical System Art, Tia Kushniruk, Mateo Galindo Torres, Meghann Michalsky, Sasha Ivanochko, and Naishi Wang have been integral in informing Katherine’s evolving practice.

Through the investigation of an improvisational practice and the creation of solo/duet work, she continues to dissect her voice as a dance artist. She is currently working on a project called Inner Works: A Solo Study which includes collaborative making with Tia Kushniruk, Sasha Ivanochko and Peggy Baker. Her choreographic work has been presented by Expanse Festival, Fluid Fest, FODAR (Market Dances), Mile Zero Dance, and New Dance Horizons. Maybe we Land, a duet created with Meghann Michalsky, will premiere and tour nationally in 2023.

Show Credits

Pillar of You
Choreographer and Performer: Kéïta Fournier-Pelletier
Performers and Collaborators: Morgyn Aronyk-Schell, Tavia Christina, Kéïta Fournier-Pelletier, Kiah Francis, Barbara Simms
Writers: Tavia Christina, Kéïta Fournier-Pelletier, Kiah Francis with contirbutions from Barbara Simms and Morgyn Aronyk-Schell
Understudy: Arin Aronyk-Schell
Sourced Music: Melt Away by yes/and, maladaptive daydreams, first light, one after another all composed by shn shn 
Composer and Sound Mixing:
 shn shn (Shanika Maria)
Costume Designer: Luc Cimino
Outside Eye: Eilish Shin-Culhane

Choreographer: Sofía Ontiveros, in collaboration with the performers
Performers: Danielle Davis, Kiah Francis, Aryana Malekzadeh, Simon Mazziotti, Frédérique Perron, María Riaño
Collaborator: María Riaño
Music Credits: Flower by Paniyolo; Verstopetje by Grey Honey; Hasta que te conocí by Juan Gabriel; Akn by Katil
Producer: Jasmine Au

Maybe we Land
Choreographers and Performers: Meghann Michalsky, Katherine Semchuk
Sourced Music: Svarte Greiner, James Holden/The Animal Spirits, Drew McDowall, Sarah Neufeld, Colin Stetson, Vessel, Yves De May
Sound Mixing and Original Composition: Projectwhatever
Costume Design: Angela Dale
Outside Eyes: Denise Clarke, Mike Czuba, Helen Husak, Emily Spearing, Irma Villafuerte
Photography: Jeremy Mimnagh
Promotional Photography Costume Designer: Alessia Urbani
Lighting Designer: Victoria Bell

Production Team

Lighting Director and Designer: Noah Feaver
Stage Manager: Helin Gungoren


Pillar of You

Pillar of You explores the pillars – or central building blocks of who we are, with a focus around queer relationships of all kinds and how our queerness intersects with our personal experiences from childhood to today. 

Pillar of You is supported by the National Ballet of Canada’s CreativAction residency program, Open Space, which was supported by our generous GoFundMe Donors, as well as the Toronto Arts Council.


Ojalá… explores how bodies connect, stumble upon interpersonal betrayals, and search for healing. Ojalá… dives into the uncertain risks taken in connections, with the hope it leads us to what we truly seek within.

Ojalá is graciously supported by Aluna Theatre (CAMINOS Festival 2023), the National Ballet of Canada’s Open Space programme, Louis Laberge-Côté, and Toronto Metropolitan University.

Maybe we Land

Maybe we Land unveils the recurring cycles experienced inside of our relationships. Within the confines of a union, we balance fears of abandonment and vulnerable dependence with euphoric connection and unconditional support. Intimacy intertwines us; we fluctuate between resisting and surrendering to its binding nature.

Maybe we Land is supported by the Canada Council for the Arts, New Dance Horizons, Evolved Movement Arts, Vitlycke Arts Centre, Centro Gruppo Jobel, Winchester Street Theatre/School of Toronto Dance Theatre. 

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