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Photo by Francesca Chudnoff

Citadel Dance Mix 2021

December 1–4, 2021
8pm @ The Citadel
Livestream Dec. 3
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World Premieres

Citadel LIVE Presents

Citadel Dance Mix 2021
Featuring works by Christine Friday and Sasha Ivanochko

Firewater Thunderbird Rising
Choreographed and Performed by Christine Friday

Firewater Thunderbird Rising is the transformative spirit of dance travelling through dimensional realms of existence – ancestors, dreams, blood memory and the land directly connected to our Anishinaabek way of living, awakening the healing of our Nation’s future.

The view from here
Performed by Jillian Peever, Choreography by Sasha Ivanochko

A sculptural slow burn. A confined space. A woman with volume. With an emphasis on task-based creative process, the individual emerges, and navigates her whole being with aliveness through a moment in time. The source is the body. The body in action reveals truths.

Approximate run time is 1 hour 15 minutes with intermission.

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Meet the Artists

Photo of Christine Friday

Christine Friday

Choreographer and Performer | Firewater Thunderbird Rising

Christine Friday is a proficient resilient Indigenous storyteller. She began her career with In the Land of Spirits in 1992 and has maintained a professional dance career for over 29 years, choreographing solo work, commissioned work, youth creations and full-scale productions.

She is deeply connected to the cultural wellness of her people and works hard to maintain cultural traditions and gifts of her Anishinaabe people.

Her company, Friday Creeations, a film and stage Production Company, has allowed her to transition her skills into filmmaking to broaden her audience while fulfilling her potential, as well as facilitate the development of a life-long dream of a Cultural Creation Centre based in N’Dakimenan – Our Homeland.

Christine is the recipient of the 2018 K.M. Hunter Award for Dance through the Ontario Arts Council. Her intention is to awaken people within themselves, creating a shift change in the world by reflecting reality and the human experience.

Photo of Jillian Peever

Jillian Peever

Performer | The view from here

Jillian Peever is a dancer, choreographer, and teacher, living in the rural town of Burk’s Falls ON. She has danced in work by Angela Blumberg, BoucharDanse, Cinetic Creations, MAU, Signal Theatre, (Sharon B. Moore), Toronto Dance Theatre, and most recently, in work with Fujiwara Dance Inventions.

In 2020 she was planning to tour nationally with Fujiwara Dance Inventions’ Eunoia before the pandemic hit, and since then has shifted her focus to developing her own plans to make dance more accessible in her new community while juggling life as a mother and dance artist. Her artistic development began with 6 cumulative years of professional training at major Toronto dance institutions. Highlights of her work as a teacher include teaching contemporary dance and improvisation at pre professional levels at Canada’s National Ballet School and George Brown Dance. Continued artistic development has included mentorships under Peggy Baker, Sasha Ivanochko, Sharon B. Moore, and Gerry Trentham as well as workshops in Toronto and abroad.

Photo of Sasha Ivanochko

Sasha Ivanochko

Choreographer | The view from here

Sasha Ivanochko is a choreographer, pedagogue and arts worker with 30 years experience in the field of Contemporary dance. A School of Toronto Dance Theatre graduate, she earned her MFA Interdisciplinary Studies from Simon Fraser University.

Her artistic research and creations have been supported through two Chalmers Family Fellowships, a Joseph-Armand Bombardier Canada Graduate scholarship, and she received the 2020 John Hobday Award for arts management. She founded and internationally toured her ad hoc company, Ivanochko in company for fifteen years. From 2018 for three years, she was Artistic Director of Dancers’ Studio West.

In August of 2021, she became the Artistic Director of The School of Toronto Dance Theatre.

Show Credits

Firewater Thunderbird Rising
Choreographed and performed by: Christine Friday
Sound design: Rob Bertola
Lighting design: Noah Feaver
Choreographic support: Robert Desrosiers
Spoken word/cultural support: 
Dr. Debby Wilson Danard
Costume design: Christine Friday

The view from here
Performance by:
Jillian Peever
Choreography: Sasha Ivanochko
Composer: Matthew Ariaratnam
Costume design: Tanya White
Lighting design: Noah Feaver
Set design: James Kendal
Rehearsal direction: Jordana Deveau

Headshot of Rob Bertola

Rob Bertola

Sound Designer | Firewater Thunderbird Rising

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Headshot of Dr. Deb

Dr. Debby Wilson Danard

Spoken Word/Cultural Support | Firewater Thunderbird Rising

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Headshot of Matthew Ariaratnam wearing purple scarf

Matthew Ariaratnam

Composer | The view from here

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Headshot of James Kendal

James Kendal

Set Designer | The view from here

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Headshot of Tanya White looking downwards

Tanya White

Costume Designer | The view from here

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Headshot of Jordana Deveau

Jordana Deveau

Rehearsal Director | The view from here

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Citadel Dance Mix 2021

Lighting Designer: Noah Feaver
Stage Manager: Taylor Young
House Technician: Eli Stefura

Livestream Sound Engineer: John Gzowski
Livestream Videographer: John Lauener

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