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Citadel Dance Mix 2021

December 1 – 4, 2021
Photo: Fransesca Chudnoff

Show Credits

Firewater Thunderbird Rising
Choreographed and performed by: Christine Friday
Sound design: Rob Bertola
Lighting design: Noah Feaver
Choreographic support: Robert Desrosiers
Spoken word/cultural support: 
Dr. Debby Wilson Danard
Costume design: Christine Friday

The view from here
Performance by:
Jillian Peever
Choreography: Sasha Ivanochko
Composer: Matthew Ariaratnam
Costume design: Tanya White
Lighting design: Noah Feaver
Set design: James Kendal
Rehearsal direction: Jordana Deveau

Part of the Citadel LIVE series

Citadel Dance Mix 2021
Featuring works by Christine Friday and Sasha Ivanochko

Firewater Thunderbird Rising
Choreographed and Performed by Christine Friday

Firewater Thunderbird Rising is the transformative spirit of dance travelling through dimensional realms of existence – ancestors, dreams, blood memory and the land directly connected to our Anishinaabek way of living, awakening the healing of our Nation’s future.

The view from here
Performed by Jillian Peever, Choreography by Sasha Ivanochko

A sculptural slow burn. A confined space. A woman with volume. With an emphasis on task-based creative process, the individual emerges, and navigates her whole being with aliveness through a moment in time. The source is the body. The body in action reveals truths.

Approximate run time is 1 hour 15 minutes with intermission.


Citadel Dance Mix 2021

Lighting Designer: Noah Feaver
Stage Manager: Taylor Young
House Technician: Eli Stefura

Livestream Sound Engineer: John Gzowski
Livestream Videographer: John Lauener

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