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May 10 – 13, 2023

Show Credits

…but water is like a mirror
Choreographer: Sashar Zarif
Performers: Sylvie Bouchard
Percussion and Vocal: Sashar Zarif
Music Composition and Arrangements: Sashar Zarif
Costume Designer: Sashar Zarif
Outside Eye: Katherine Duncanson

Bob’s Last Request!
Choreographer: Tedd Robinson
Performers: Sylvie Bouchard, Gerry Trentham
With Support and Consultation by: Angie Cheng
Music: Charles Quevillon
Costume Designer: Tedd Robinson
Costume Coordinator: Valerie Calam

Lighting Designer: Emerson Kafarowski
Stage Manager: Taylor Young

The performance on Friday May 12 was dedicated to the late Tedd Robinson.

Part of the Bright Nights series

About the Show

Choreographed by Sashar Zarif and Tedd Robinson


Encounters, featuring works by Sashar Zarif and Tedd Robinson, is part of a solo & duet commissioning project – intimate encounters created by exceptional choreographers with whom Sylvie Bouchard wanted to journey artistically. Each piece is created in an environment that allows time for the artists to delve deep into their creative curiosities, and to explore new ideas and artistic landscapes. Encounters is the third production within this commissioning project.

Approximate run time is 60 minutes.

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