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March 3 – 5, 2022
Photo by Christopher Cushman

Choreography: Kevin A. Ormsby*
*concept of Re:Imaginings was developed in part with support from Ronald A. Taylor and Arsenio Andrade
Dance Artists: Cheryl Chan, Jillia Cato, Elina Valtonen, Benjamin Russell, Orin T. McRey, Nataliya Zlotnikov, Kevin A. Ormsby
Composer: Joy Lapps-Lewis
Musicians: Joy Lapps-Lewis, Derek Thorne, Walter Maclean
Lighting Design: Sharon DiGenova
Costumes: Diane Sobers, Micheal Mortley / Kelly LaJuenesse (Pitchy Patchy costume construction)
Videography: S-Quire Johnson, David Han, Joel Ong

Presented by KasheDance


Choreographed by Kevin A. Ormsby

with concept development by Ronald A. Taylor, Arsenio Andrade and the artists


Re:Imaginings (time, place, movement -TPM) is rooted in the re-investigation of contemporary Caribbean dance language, like bpm (beats per minute); the work explores Caribbean rhythms, cultural practices and the influence they have had on the Canadian cultural landscape. Re:Imaginings (time, place, movement -TPM) unearths historical/cultural connections of the Caribbean in Canada.

Re:Imaginings TPM will be tied to our Black History month celebration. The work will have both a live component and a recorded live-streamed portion.

Run time is approximately 1 hour 30 minutes.


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