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April 18-20, 2024 @ 8PM
April 21, 2024 @ 2PM
at The Citadel
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Pre-show Exhibition
Doors open nightly @ 7:15PM

Citadel LIVE Presents

Company-in-Residence KasheDance


KasheDance celebrates its 15th anniversary with a mesmerizing Retrospek, an exploration of the past, the present and a creative vision for its future in Black dance in Canada. Led by Kevin A. Ormsby and the newly announced Assistant Artistic Director Jillia Cato, the company invites you on an exploration of choreographies steeped in the rhythms, movements, and culture of Caribbean, African, and Diaspora culture, as well as social/human rights advocacy. 

Approximate run time is 90 minutes, with pauses between pieces.

Meet the Artists

Photo of KasheDance Photo by Christopher Cushman



Embodying artistic diversity in technique and choreography, KasheDance echoes in a new genealogy of Afro contemporary dance supported by presentation, outreach initiatives in communities and in education.

The company creates within a three-pronged CRP model where Creative / Research / Presentation, is supported by further creative inquiry with the Critical Response Process pioneered by Liz Lerman and grounded in Collaboration, Representation and Partnerships. KasheDance finds inspiration from visual arts, music, mixed media and spoken word and is creatively and socially curious about how dance can fuel focused and progressive conversations around our practice while situating people and audiences in cross-cultural engagement. KasheDance’s production FACING Home: Love and Redemption was voted in Top 10 2015 performance in Madison, Wisconsin, in collaboration with the University of Wisconsin Madison Dance Department and has toured to ten cities in US, Canada and the Caribbean. The work was the featured performance event of the USVI, St. Croix Pride 2019.

Show Credits

Until Then…NOW 

Choreographer: Kevin A. Ormsby
Music: Fela Kuti, Don Pullen / Chief Cliff Singers, Osunlade with Oveous Maximus
Costumes: Kadeem Faustin, Hyacinth Ormsby
Lighting Design: Sharon DiGenova
Previous Dramaturg: Ronald Taylor 

Recalcitrare (2011)

Choreographer: Kevin A. Ormsby
Creative Lead: Cheryl Chan
Music:  George Gao, Vincent Segal, Ballaké Sissoko, SuperString Theory
Previous Rehearsal Direction / Dramaturgy:  Arsenio Andrade, Ronald Taylor
Lighting Design: Sharon DiGenova
Costumes: Diane Sobers 

FACING Home: Love & Redemption (2016)

Choreographer: Kevin A. Ormsby, Chris Walker
Movement Adaptation: Mikhail Morris (Waggonist Section)
Creative Leads: Pierre Clark, Amansu Eason
Music: Monty Alexander
Previous Rehearsal Direction / Dramaturg: Ronald Taylor
Costumes: Dexter Pottinger (consultation), Diane Sobers 
Lighting Design: Claude Heinttz

Re:Imaginings “time, place and movement“ (2020)

Choreographer: Kevin A. Ormsby
Composer: Joy Lapps-Lewis
Musicians: Joy Lapps-Lewis, Walter Maclean, Derek Thorne
Costumes: Micheal Mortley / Kelly LaJuenesse (Pitchy Patchy costume construction), Diane Sobers   

Production Team

Lighting Design: Sharon DiGenova

Artist Note

It has been an absolute pleasure to look back on the choreographies we’ve created over the past fifteen years and to re:member all the dancers who have helped us reach this milestone, many of whom went on to form their own dance companies. I’m truly humbled by their ability to bring the chaos of their creative desires to choreographic clarity. 

– Kevin Ormsby
Artistic Director, KasheDance


Until Then…NOW
Excerpts of In SEARCH OF OURselves (2010) / BARAKA (2011) / Dreams, Desires, Possibilities (2009), weave a journey into the exploration of the existential questions we ask ourselves as we travel through boundaries and borders… It is a tribute to our culture, our diaspora, the journeys we take to cosmopolitan cities, where all ask varying questions of ourselves. The work features the music of the Aborigines from Australia and Indigenous Americans, as well as the work of Afrobeat master Fela Kuti.

Recalcitrare (2011) 
Premiered at the Canada Dance Festival “Fresh Canadian Choreography” and explored the relationship between dance techniques, art, and music, specifically focusing on the instruments of the classical period. The musical score featured the Erhu, Cello, and Kora, performed by artists such as Kronos Quartet, Ballaké Sissoko, and Vincent Segal. The performance investigated connections to the classical period by incorporating stringed instruments from Africa, Europe, and Asia, resulting in a beautiful and harmonious blend of sound and dance. The piece explores how artists can act as “recalcitrants” resistors of authority, perceived ideas on music and movement. 

FACING Home: Love & Redemption (2016)  
KasheDance’s most popular viewed and toured choreography is influenced by Jamaican culture, reggae music, and human rights. The piece uses covers of Bob Marley’s songs by artists such as Matisyahou, Luciano, and Monty Alexander. “FACING Home” tackles the contradiction of West Indian ideals of liberation found in Marley’s music and the oppression faced by the LGBTQ community. Co-choreographer Chris Walker, who is also the Director of the Division of the Arts at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, explained the inspiration behind the piece by referencing “FACING Home highlights the paradox around the West Indian preaching of liberation we find in Marley’s music, while simultaneously oppressing the LGBTQ’s community’s ability to participate in family, community and culture.” 

Re:Imaginings “time, place and movement” (2020) 
Re:Imaginings (Time, Place, and Movement) is a project that uncovers the historical and cultural ties between the Caribbean and Canada. It focuses on Caribbean rituals and ceremonies, providing insight into the rich history of Caribbean Canadians through their vibrant rhythms, celebrations, and cultural traditions. It is steeped in a carnival tradition and invites both a physical and archival research into this “docu-formance” inviting audiences to share in the experience at our pre-show exhibition in the lower studio.  

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