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la complainte du givre

January 12 – 14, 2023
Person lying on the ground staring blankly into space. Photo by Marie-Éve Dion

Show Credits

Choreographer: Simon Renaud (amour amour)
Performers: Joanie Michaud, Marie-Pier Gilbert
Dramaturge: Félix-Antoine Boutin
Music design: Andrew Beaudoin
Lighting design: Tiffanie Boffa
Costume design: Ariane Michaud

Part of the Bright Nights series

About the Show

la complainte du givre
Choreographed by Simon Renaud

Two women jump body and soul into a work exploring the vulnerability of our relationships across the
spectrum. The ghosts of what love, friendship, and absence leave us, their memories in our body, their forgotten traces that resurface. 

la complainte du givre is a creation situated on the thin line of fiction, abstraction, dream and reality. The performance is punctuated by audio excerpts from a residency in Denmark in 2020, as one learned to dance and the other to sing. We can hear the tensions of the past, the insecurities of one and the other in the face of their abilities, but also the candor of these women and the laughter that can occur at any time. While the past is present in our ears, we witness an intimacy, a gentleness and a trust firmly rooted in the present, the fruit of this past that we decide to share. Without being in the position of a voyeur, this experience is a gift offered by its preciousness and the rarity of being able to witness the beginning of an adventure that unfolds and continues to grow before our eyes. 

Approximate run time is 60 minutes.

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