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La Complainte du Givre

January 12-14, 2023
8pm @ The Citadel

amour amour acknowledges the support of:

The Canada Art Council
La Serre -Arts Vivants-
La Danse Sur les Routes du Québec
Circuit est centre chorégraphique
Bora Bora residency center
Ottawa Dance Directive 


Two women jump body and soul in a work exploring the vulnerability of our relationships across its spectrum. The ghost of what love, friendship, absence leaves us, their memory in our body, their forgotten trace that resurface.

Approximate run time is 60 minutes.

Meet the Artist

Photo of Simon Renaud Photo by Pierre-Olivier Cadieux

Simon Renaud


Twins full time, epileptic part time, Simon Renaud is the artistic director of the new dance company, amour amour. He is an artist with a deep reverence for the viewer. His work invites an active curiosity, in fact, it demands to be seen and defined by the viewer. He questions what defines us as individuals, and offers an invitation to participate and to change.

Ultimately, he creates community, a sense of belonging that does not separate, exclude or marginalize. Simon’s choreographic work has been performed nationally and nominated for a Dora Mavor Moore Award. As a dancer, he worked for major companies in Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa and Paris and toured internationally. la complainte du givre, received a residency in Aarhus, Denmark from Circuit-Est Centre Chorégraphique in collaboration with the Bora Bora Residency Centre in march 2020. 

Simon Renaud (
amour amour)
Marie-Pier Gilbert

Félix-Antoine Boutin

Music design:
Andrew Beaudoin

Lighting design:
Tiffanie Boffa

Costume design:
Ariane Michaud

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