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Love me out of it

October 11 – 20, 2018
Photo by Jeremy Mimnagh

Show Credits

Choreography: Laurence Lemieux
Music: Frantic City by Teenage Head
Performers: Laurence Lemieux and Andrew McCormack
Lighting Design: Simon Rossiter
Sound Design: John Gzowski
Rehearsal Direction: Danielle Baskerville
Stage Management: Marianna Rosato
Sound Engineer: Kim Trollope

Musical guests:
Oct. 11: Brenda
Oct. 12: Frankie the Pig
Oct. 13: Teenage Head (VIP night)
Oct. 17: Cigar Club
Oct. 18: Pony
Oct. 19: Rapport
Oct 20: Peeling

Love me out of it was made possible through a generous donation by Scott Connolly.

Presented by Compagnie de la Citadelle

About the Show

Love me out of it
Choreographed and performed by Laurence Lemieux


Set to the iconic “Frantic City” by Canadian punk band Teenage Head, Love me out of it explores Lemieux’s long relationship to dance through various characters that come to life with every song.