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October 9 – 9, 2020
Photo by David Hou

Show Credits

Choreographer: Newton Moraes
Performer: Pulga Muchochoma
Original Music: Matthew Reid
Costume Design: Valerie Calam
Set Design: Newton Moraes & Solange Escostegui Cardoso
Set Painting: Sonya Stefan, Roy Donovan, Newton Moraes

Part of Night Shift 2020

Co-presented with Fall for Dance North

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About the Show

Choreographed by Newton Moraes

Choreographed by Newton Moraes, Ashe explores the explosion of body movements, markedly Luso-African, in a context where body and verbal language intertwine between the movement and the verbalization of national languages including, Emakhuwa, Changana, Elomwe, Portuguese and English.

Ashe affirms a dialogue between contemporary Brazilian technique and Canadian-Mozambican dancer Pulga Muchochoma’s movement vocabulary, and music by Matthew Reid. Moraes then adds a game of scenic lights that provoke reflections and questions about the necessity of intercultural voices communicating in a world threatened by isolation of groups of people and national communities

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