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October 8 – 8, 2020
Photo by Tom Cruz

Show Credits

Concept, choreography and performance: Irma Villafuerte
Dramaturgy and direction: Alejandro Ronceria
Composer: Edgardo Moreno

Part of Night Shift 2020

Co-presented with Fall for Dance North

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About the Show

Choreographed by Irma Villafuerte

nudoDESnudo explores the embodied memories of growing up in postwar El Salvador, and the duality of Irma Villafuerte’s migrant identity as a Canadian-born daughter of Salvadorian refugees. This investigation reveals the never-ending mourning and fractures carried by the choreographer, the shifting presence and weight of intergenerational grief, and the unexpressed love in the middle of an uncertain journey. The piece examines conflicting emotional blockages acquired by migrant people.

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