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Photo by Tatiana Laborde


Wednesday September 29
Livestream @ 9PM
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Night Shift Presents

Choreographed and performed by Olga Barrios

Mestiza (mixed raced woman in Spanish) is a project based on artist Olga Barrios’ personal research into her cultural identity as a choreographer of Latinx background. Digging into her Indigenous origins in Colombia—where the traces of Indigenous people have been erased as in many places around the globe—the work expands into a wider dialogue between Olga as a woman of many colours and the many other diverse voices in the Americas that seek to connect with the erased traces of their histories.

Meet the Artists

Photo of Olga Barrios Photo by Juan Márquez

Olga Barrios

Choreographer / Performer

Olga is a multi-award-winning artist. She has collaborated with dance, music, and theatre companies as well in multidisciplinary projects in Canada, the USA and Colombia.

She is the co-artistic director of Vanguardia Dance Projects, created in Canada in 2008. She holds an MFA in dance from York University in Toronto. Olga is originally from Bogotá, Colombia and is currently working on exchange projects between Colombia and Canada. Her most recent creation is Dreaming in Blue (an underwater video dance). Her new creation Hybrid Woman was recently presented at the NIFF Indigenous Fringe Fest in Peterborough and at the Vanguardia Dance Festival 2021 in Toronto.

Show Credits

Choreographed and Performed by: Olga Barrios
Sound Design and Music Composition:  Edgardo Moreno
Visual Artist Collaborators: Oscar Leone and Sergio Orozco
Costume Advisor: Mary Navarro
Costume Design: Olga Barrios

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