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September 29 – 29, 2021
Photo by Tatiana Laborde

Show Credits

Choreographed and Performed by: Olga Barrios
Sound Design and Music Composition:  Edgardo Moreno
Visual Artist Collaborators: Oscar Leone and Sergio Orozco
Costume Advisor: Mary Navarro
Costume Design: Olga Barrios

About the Show

Choreographed and performed by Olga Barrios

Mestiza (mixed raced woman in Spanish) is a project based on artist Olga Barrios’ personal research into her cultural identity as a choreographer of Latinx background. Digging into her Indigenous origins in Colombia—where the traces of Indigenous people have been erased as in many places around the globe—the work expands into a wider dialogue between Olga as a woman of many colours and the many other diverse voices in the Americas that seek to connect with the erased traces of their histories.

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