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The Miserere Project

May 24 – 31, 2022
Photo by Mike Moore

Show Credits

Choreographer: David Earle
Performers: Anh Nguyen, Bee Pallomina, Sierra Chin Sawdy, Evadne Kelly, Robert Kingsbury

Choreographer: Same As Sister (S.A.S.)
Live Performers: Leigh Atwell, Hilary Brown-Istrefi, Briana Brown-Tipley, Michael Caldwell, Kristina Hay, Jamie Robinson
Video Performers: ALEXA GRÆ, Annie Wang, Jessie Young
Dramaturg: Susan Mar Landau

Choreographer: Penny Couchie
Performers: Penny Couchie, Sid Bobb, Animikiikwe Couchie-Waukey, Michaela Washburn, Christine Friday

Choreographer: Brodie Stevenson
Performers: Tyra Temple-Smith, Connor Mitton, Irvin Chow, Sierra Chin Sawdy, Drew Berry

Lighting Designer: Noah Feaver
Lighting Design Assistant: Mathilda Kane
Stage Manager: Marianna Rosato

Presented by Bright Nights.


The Miserere Project
Produced by Danielle Baskerville

On the 41st anniversary of the creation of David Earle’s celebrated masterwork, Miserere, three choreographers have been commissioned to create contemporary responses using Earle’s Miserere as their creative seed. The evening will be comprised of three world premieres by choreographers Same As Sister (S.A.S.), Brodie Stevenson and a film by Penny Couchie, as well as a remount of Earle’s Miserere.

Gregorio Allegri’s Miserere mei, Deus courtesy of ARS NOVA Copenhagen

Run time is approximately 90 minutes with intermission.

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