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Photo by Drew Berry

this place

November 15 - 28, 2021
On Demand
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Digital World Premiere

Produced by Guetcha Guaritcha

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Citadel LIVE On Demand Presents

this place
Choreographed by Karen Kaeja

this place, choreographed by Karen Kaeja, and performed by Mateo Galindo Torres and Katherine Semchuk, is a visceral ride through the real and the imaginary, as two people aim to find coherence in their proximity and solitude. Colliding their desires with hesitation, we witness their emotional journey through the hyper-engaged eye of the camera.

Run time is approximately 45 minutes.

Meet the Artists

Photo of Karen Kaeja Photo by Zahra Saleki

Karen Kaeja


Karen Kaeja is an award-winning performer, choreographer, mentor, community builder and project instigator whose work interrogates relational feminine perspectives. “The mastermind behind Porch View Dances” Toronto Star, she develops performance platforms provoking collaborative relationships between dancers, everyday people and the body.

Co-Artistic Director of Kaeja d’Dance with Allen Kaeja, her awards include the 2019 Dance Ontario Lifetime Achievement Award, the CDA “I Love Dance” Community Award and the Paul D. Fleck Fellowship for Innovation. She has been honoured with an American Choreography Award nomination and 7 Dora Mavor Moore nominations, including 4 for Crave (winning outstanding male). Kaeja is distinguished in The Canadian Who’s Who, was a finalist for the 2020 TAF Celebration of Cultural Life Award and the 2017 TAF Muriel Sherrin Award for International achievement, the CDA Innovation Award, NOW’s Best Local Choreographer and twice nominated for NOW’s Best Dance Company. Commissioned and presented by performance series around the world, she has created over 70 dance works, continues to mentor, dramaturg and perform for many of Canada’s brilliant emerging and established choreographers and was Stratford Festival’s first movement dramaturg for Wendy and Peter Pan. Kaeja was the first resident dance artist for both MUN/Dance NL and the Guelph Dance Festival.

Photo of Aria Evans Photo by Bliss Thompson

Aria Evans


Aria Evans is an award winning, queer Toronto-based interdisciplinary artist working in dance theatre; creation, performance and film. Aria is a certified Intimacy Coordinator and draws on their experiences of being multiracial (Afro-Indigenous, setter) to capture meaningful social and cultural themes through their interactive art.

Collaboration is the departure point to the work that Aria creates with their company POLITICAL MOVEMENT. Advocating for inclusion and the representation of diversity, Aria uses their artistic practice to question the ways we can coexist together.

Show Credits

Directed by: Aria Evans
Choreographed by: Karen Kaeja
Performed by: Katherine Semchuk and Mateo Galindo Torres

Film editing: Xavier Pestana (in collaboration with Mateo Galindo Torres)
Director of photography & first camera: Sid Sawant (onUp productions)
Second camera: German Prieto

Original music & sound design: Grej
Text: Katherine Semchuk and Mateo Galindo Torres
Text direction: Karen Kaeja

Lighting design: Noah Feaver 
Projection design: Luke Garwood

Outside eyes: Allen Kaeja, David Norsworthy

Costume design: Robyn Macdonald

Technical director & stage manager: A.J. Morra
Producer: Mateo Galindo Torres


Guetcha Guaritcha would like to thank the following organizations and funders for their support of the realization of this project:

Kaeja d’Dance
onUP productions
National Ballet of Canada
TAC, OAC, Canada Council

Artist Notes

this place finds coherence in the theory of proximity. I have been thinking a lot about how we make sense of ourselves in relation to the other and am enamored by our real and imaginary reflections that collide and intersect.

Edited prose I guided for this place, written by the performers:

As if you are reaching into that place
I built a wall so that there was something to hold together the space that remained I need to define this place, away from that place.
I need you to define this place, away from my place I need you to stay in that place, Until you can invite me in
Without the screen, without the wall
With all parts of you and all the parts of that place.

I am grateful to be able to bring this work to audiences online and share the excellence of the artists whose dedication to the creative process have brought this place to life. I thank Mateo for commissioning me to create freely with such divine collaborators.

Thank you also to Kaeja d’Dance, Yolanda Ferrato, Allen, Aniya and Mika, and to Laurence Lemieux and the Citadel team for creating production opportunities for companies like Guetcha Guaritcha.

– Karen Kaeja

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