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Photo by Raphael Solholm

Uppercut Dance Theater Workshop

May 18, 2024
10am - 12pm @ The Citadel
REGISTRATION: $35 Register

Plus! Learn about Uppercut Dance Theater’s performance of BENCHED at Harbourfront Centre’s JUNIOR Festival May 18 – 20, 2024.

Citadel + Compagnie presents

Uppercut Dance Theater Workshop

Citadel + Compagnie is hosting a special workshop with renowned Danish contemporary dance company Uppercut Dance Theater!

Join Uppercut Dance Theater Saturday, May 18 from 10am to 12pm for a workshop that expresses the company’s unique style, shaped by the individual dancers’ movement practices. A fusion between the dancers’ approach to method and movement, the workshop will draw on inspiration from capoeira, break, contemporary dance, hip hop and acro-dance.

Though fluent in the same movement language, the dancers each represent their unique history and heritage, bringing it together through the dynamism of floorwork and fluidity of contemporary dance.

About Uppercut Dance Theater

Photo of Uppercut Dance Theater Photo by Bahadir Berber

Uppercut Dance Theater

Uppercut Dance Theater has a 40-year long history and constitutes as one of the longest running dance companies in Denmark. Founded in 1982, the company pioneered in bringing contemporary dance on tour and into alternative institutions such as museums and schools. From the 2000’s and onwards, Uppercut Dance Theater started working with and engaging street-and break dancers in their productions. One of whom was Mark Philip, an avid capoeira and break dance practitioner, who has been with the company for 20 years and now continues the third generation of artistic directors, alongside choreographer Stephanie Thomasen.

Stephanie Thomasen is an award-winning choreographer and the woman at the forefront of Uppercut Dance Theater. She graduated from The Ailey School Professional Division in 2009, when she also joined the company as a dancer and choreographer, soon to become the artistic director alongside Mark Philip, in 2016.

Headshot of Stephanie Thomasen.

Stephanie Thomasen

Artistic Director | Choreographer | Dancer

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