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Jan. 30: ‘this happened…’ audience talkback hosted by Danielle Baskerville

January 6, 2020 Black and white headshot of Danielle Baskerville by the water Photo by Andrew Burashko

We are thrilled to announce that Danielle Baskerville will be hosting an audience talk back for Kate Hilliard’s this happened… on Thursday, January 30, 2020. Join us!

Danielle Baskerville works with many of the country’s leading dance creators and is Artistic Associate of The Dietrich Group. Recently she has performed in a site-specific opera in Burgundy, France and hosted Canada’s first-ever Trisha Brown Dance Company Intensive. Upcoming independent projects include co-producing The Miserere Project, investigating choreographic legacies in New York, London and Germany and performing a solo work by Jonathan Osborne for the Sasha Waltz Company Showcase. Along with performing, producing and teaching dance, she is a contributor to The Dance Current and is an Executive Board Member of the Canadian Alliance of Dance Artists-Ontario.

Photo by Sean Rees

this happened…
Word premiere
Jan. 29-Feb. 1, 2020
Choreography: Kate Hilliard
Presented by Citadel + Compagnie through Bright Nights

We communicate and then miscommunicate all the time. We say words, but our bodies betray their meanings. This is a performance that was written from the body as a way of distilling what has happened; a dance expressed through five separate chapters: subject, code, conversation, fracture, and memory.

Miyeko Ferguson
Luke Garwood
Lukas Malkowski
Kate Hilliard

Sound and Video Designer: Jeremy Mimnagh
Lighting designer: Arun Srinivasan
Costume Designer: Alana Elmer

Lead photo of Danielle Baskerville by Andrew Burashko

This project has been made possible (in part) by the Government of Canada.