In addition to Wounded Woods, the augmented reality installation on the main floor of The Citadel, Artistic Director Laurence Lemieux also commissioned writer Lindsay Zier-Vogel to handwrite fictional letters in the voices of the eight Jusqu’a Vimy soldiers. Every audience member receives a letter before the show begins.

From Lindsay on writing the letters:
It was brutal, reading actual letters from soldiers, just boys many of them – their optimism, their despair, their memories of home and often making light of the situations they were writing from.

A few of the letters below!

My dearest Blanche,

Thank you for the photograph. It made my whole month. I’m looking at it right now and think of you daily. I’ll get a photo taken the next time we’re in England, but I warn you, my hair is even thinner than it was before I left. (Must be all the worrying haha).

We’re heading back in soon, another move forward though no one knows when exactly. The boys are scared, especially the young ones. Alfie’s been having nightmares, moaning and kicking. It’s near impossible to wake him.

It’s cold and the socks you sent have been keeping me warm. Thank you (the red stripe is cheery!) I’ve been thinking about home a lot lately. It makes these miserable, muddy days tolerable.

Sending all my love,


Dearest Mother,

It must be spring back home and I wonder if those purple flowers (what are they called?) are starting to come up on Mrs. MacIntosh’s garden. Spring is skipping us it seems, it’s all mud and no green to be seen. In the trenches, it still feels like winter.

But the other day the sun shone for a few hours straight and the sky was so blue, I forgot for a moment what we were doing here.

We’re out for a little rest, but will probably be back up the line soon. Do send another package whenever you can and remember me to Muriel if you happen to see her.

As ever, your loving son,


Jusqu’a Vimy, choreographed by Laurence Lemieux
November 15-18 & 22-25, 2017 at 8pm
The Citadel: Ross Centre for Dance
304 Parliament St., Toronto

Presented by C+C through Bright Nights

Top photo by Jeremy Mimnagh