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May 11, 2020

Citadel + Compagnie brings archives to life in 10-week online performing arts series Citadel Online

A live weekly celebration of the work of the incredible artists that have graced the stage of The Citadel, running April 28 – June 30, 2020.

TORONTO, ON – Citadel + Compagnie is thrilled to announce its newest initiative Citadel Online, a 10-week online performing arts series that looks back at some of the wonderful works that have taken place at The Citadel over the years, with new works released every Tuesday at 2PM EDT between April 28 – June 30, 2020.  

Highlighting both previously presented Bright Nights artists and Citadel + Compagnie repertoire, on May 12, 2020, Citadel Online will shine a light on the company work Les Paradis Perdus / Remix by Artistic Director, Laurence Lemieux.  

Inspired by childhood memories both fond and fearsome, Les Paradis Perdus / Remix was originally scheduled to be presented at The Citadel May 14-16 & 20-23, 2020, and was to be performed by Lemieux’s children, dancers Jimmy and Juliette Coleman. Citadel Online will share footage from the company’s 2015 production and bring this charming work to audiences in the wake of its spring COVID-19 cancellation. 

“I am truly excited to share Les Paradis Perdus / Remix through our newest platform, Citadel Online,” says Lemieux. “Though it is with sadness we will not see this work presented onstage, it has allowed for a wonderful opportunity to reflect. In addition to the performance footage, we will be sharing special insights on the creative process through interviews with composer Christopher Butterfield and dancers Luke Garwood and Erin Poole.” 

On May 26, 2020, Citadel Online will make available a second piece of Citadel + Compagnie repertoire, Malcolm by resident choreographer James Kudelka. Touted as “a big, bold, bright idea,” by critic Deirdre Kelly, the work is performed by Kudelka with puppet Malcolm and touches on themes of love, loss and grief. 

Citadel Online has been developed as a response to our current state of isolation due to the global pandemic, and the footage shared is archival. Nothing can replace the power of live performance. It is its ‘liveness’ that defines it. Live performance is what we do, how we engage and how we communicate. It allows for a visceral experience; a human experience; it allows for empathy. 

But in this time of social distancing, when theatres are dark, we are all apart and we are turning to our screens for connection, we hope that this series may serve as a reminder of the grace, beauty and humanity that dance can uniquely offer. 

Citadel Online

April 28 – June 30, 2020

New work released every Tuesday at 2PM EDT

Choreographers: Naishi Wang, Sabina Perry, Laurence Lemieux, Sarah Chase, James Kudelka, Allison Cummings, Serge Bennathan, Jane Alison McKinney, Heidi Strauss, Penny Couchie

Presented by Citadel + Compagnie

“It’s hard to remember a time when the Citadel was not a part of the dance life of Toronto.”

– Paula Citron


Series Lineup

April 28, 2020   Taking Breath by Naishi Wang

May 5, 2020      FUNNY/FUNERAL by Sabina Perry

May 12, 2020    Les Paradis Perdus / Remix by Laurence Lemieux

May 19, 2020    unmoored choreography/direction Sarah Chase, text/performance Peggy Baker

May 26, 2020    Malcolm by James Kudelka

June 2, 2020     As she shall obtain such command of her mass vein passageways by Allison Cummings

June 9, 2020     Just Words by Serge Bennathan

June 16, 2020   There she was by Jane Alison McKinney

June 23, 2020   baseline by Heidi Strauss

June 30, 2020   Serpent People by Penny Couchie


About Citadel + Compagnie 

Citadel + Compagnie is a dance organization with its home, The Citadel: Ross Centre for Dance, embedded within the Regent Park community of downtown Toronto. Through its creation, curation and cultivation of contemporary dance, C+C’s mission is to make a significant and lasting contribution to dance in Canada. The company’s vision is for exceptional dance to reach diverse communities and audiences and foster ongoing dialogue between artists and the public.

Led by Artistic Director, Laurence Lemieux, the organization supports the artistic activities of its dance company, its performing arts series, and its training program. At its core, the company commits to the creation and production of innovative and accessible original works of dance, emphasizing the development of new work by resident choreographer James Kudelka and by Laurence Lemieux. Through remount initiatives, the company dedicates itself to the preservation of important Canadian dance work, making available iconic repertoire to a new generation of dancers.

Under Lemieux’s leadership, C+C has had a marked impact on the local community, offering free studio access to key neighbourhood initiatives: Toronto Police Force 51 Division’s youth and hip-hop program, the Regent Park School of Music, and Toronto Council Fire’s Indigenous dance program, First Fire. These collaborations have built lasting ties within the community, and as a result, The Citadel has become a sought-after safe space for youth to gather and explore their creativity.

Performance Credits 


April 28, 2020 | Taking Breath 

Concept/Choreography and Performance: Naishi Wang 

Outside Eye: Paul-André Fortier and Ginelle Chagnon 

Dramaturgy: Ivy Wang and Francoise Hüsges 

Lighting Design: Ivy Wang 


May 5, 2020 | FUNNY/FUNERAL 

Funny Girl 

Choreography/Costume/Text/Stage: Sabina Perry 

Performer: Sabina Perry 

Lighting: Gabriel Cropley/Sabina Perry 

Original Composition/Soundscape: A Glacier 


May 12, 2020 | Les Paradis Perdus / Remix (Citadel + Compagnie)

Choreography: Laurence Lemieux 

Performers: Christopher Butterfield, Luke Garwood, Erin Poole 

Original Composition: Christopher Butterfield 

Lighting Design: Simon Rossiter 

Costume Design: Jane Townsend 

Barkeep: Andrew McCormack

May 19, 2020 | unmoored 

Choreography/Direction: Sarah Chase 

Text/Performance: Peggy Baker 

Sound Design: Debashis Sinha 

Arabic Vocalist: Maryem Hassan Tollar 

Lighting Design: Marc Parent 


May 26, 2020 | Malcolm (Citadel + Compagnie) 

Choreography: James Kudelka (in collaboration with Bill Coleman and Malcolm) 

Original Composition & Pianist: Dustin Peters 

Puppet-maker: Nell Coleman 

Lighting Design & Scenography: Simon Rossiter 

Costume Design: HOAX Couture 


June 2, 2020 | As she shall obtain such command of her mass vein passageways 

Choreographer: Allison Cummings 

Performer: Kaitlin Standeven 

Sound and Costume Design: Valerie Calam / Company Vice Versa 

Set Design: Allison Cummings 

Lighting Design: Simon Rossiter 


June 9, 2020 | Just Words 

Text and choreography: Serge Bennathan 

Performers: Karissa Barry, Hilary Maxwell, Serge Bennathan 

Composer: Bertrand Chénier 

Lighting designer: James Proudfoot 


June 16, 2020 | There she was 

Choreographer/Performer: Jane Alison McKinney 

Lighting Design: Noah Feaver 


June 23, 2020 | baseline 

Choreographed, written and performed by: Heidi Strauss 

Sound and projection design: Jeremy Mimnagh 

Lighting design: Kaitlin Hickey 

Dramaturgy & collaboration: Susanna Fournier & Erin Brubacher 

Outside Eye: Ginelle Chagnon 


June 30, 2020 | Serpent People 

Co-Artistic Director / Community Engaged Choreographer: Penny Couchie 

Performers: North Bay, Nipissing First Nation and Toronto artists /community and artists of Aanmitaagzi 

Community Engaged Designer: Megan Paulin  


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Naishi Wang in ‘Taking Breath’

Photo by: Francesca Chudnoff

Sabina Perry in ‘Funny Girl’

Photo by: Jeremy Mimnagh

Les Paradis Perdus/Remix by Laurence Lemieux

Photos by: Jeremy Mimnagh

Peggy Baker in ‘unmoored’ 

Photo by: Aleksander Antonijevic

James Kudelka in Malcolm

Photos by: Jeremy Mimnagh

Kaitlin Standeven in  ‘As she shall obtain such command of her mass vein passageways’

Photos by: Jeremy Mimnagh

Just Words by Serge Bennathan

Photographer Credit: Michael Slobodian

There she was by Jane Alison McKinney

Photographer Credit: Francesca Chudnoff

Serpent People by Penny Couchie

Photographer Credit: Penny Couchie

baseline by Heidi Strauss

Photographer Credit: Jeremy Mimnagh 

Artistic Director and Curator: Laurence Lemieux / Photo by Bruce Zinger. Bio here.