The acclaimed Coleman Lemieux & Compagnie (CLC) presents the world premiere of Les cheminements de l’influence (Pathways of Influence), a striking solo dance work created and performed by CLC co-Artistic Director Laurence Lemieux as a tribute to her father, eminent political scientist and sociologist Vincent Lemieux. With music by Gordon Monahan, this is the first official work to be presented at CLC’s new home, the Citadel, a new centre for contemporary dance.

“An undoubtedly original piece, Lemieux dissects her father’s theories using intricate contemporary movement, interesting musical compositions, impressive lighting designs, and a newly renovated theatre space in the round (well, more like a square).

Lemieux takes us on a passage through time of what appears to be her personal understanding of her father’s unwavering dedication to his research, and his sensitivity towards Quebec and its people. At times free-flowing and light, at other times heavy and indirect, Lemieux captures through movement and emotion the trials, tribulations, joys and frustrations that go along with a lifetime commitment to research.”

– Adelina Fabiano,, Feb 2012

“Lemieux’s powerful presence never falters, and there are gorgeous visual moments, due to the combination of stark, cool evocative lighting by Gabriel Cropley, the simple costuming, and the Hockey recordings. At times one might be reminded of the direct playful forms inhabiting the open compositional field of a William Kurelek painting. Lemieux empowers and politicizes the playful as she presents these sharply delineated forms through her lone dancing body in a way that subtly transforms all of the elements of her choreography into a beautifully layered dance narrative as homage to her father’s detailed and painstaking work.…
…. a multi-media sound and visual landscape that allows audiences to listen, learn, and observe the delicate, complex movement of body and mind as they inhabit a variety of complex ideologies, at times political, at times sociological, and always punctuated by gorgeous sound and movement.”

– David Bateman,, Feb 2012