Creation: 2014
Choreographer: Bill Coleman
Musical Direction: John Oswald
Project Coordination: Thom Sokoloski (SmartCulture Public Art)
Music & Dance: Regent Park School of Music, The Toronto Symphony Orchestra, Toronto Council Fire Native Cultural Centre and Aanmitaagzi Dancers for National Aboriginal Day, Magnolia New Orleans Brass Band, The Optimists Alumni Drum & Bugle Corps, Muhtadi Drummers, Improvisors for Beer, Bengladesh Regent Park Residents Performers, The Rushing Woody Allan Violinist, Tian Guo Marching Band, Southside Swag, Mixed Faith Choir and altogether over 400 diverse performers from ages 10 to 70! And banners by ArtHeart.
Duration: 3 hrs+


A party for the official opening of the new 6-acre park in Regent Park, with the City of Toronto, Regent Park School of Music,  dozens of bands, and unexpected performers.


“This new park is a key part of how revitalization is fostering a vibrant community in Regent Park,” said Greg Spearn. “It’s a place at the heart of Regent Park where residents, neighbours and people from across the city can come together to be part of a community that thrives.”

– Toronto Community Housing Chief Development Officer, interim President, and CEO Greg Spearn

“Every kind of music is on display. Don’t want a harp? How about a sax?”

– Iceland Penny