Choreographer: Laurence Lemieux
Original composition: Christopher Butterfield
Lighting Design: Simon Rossiter
Performance: Christopher Butterfield, Luke Garwood, Erin Poole
Costume Design: Jane Townsend
Photography: Jeremy Mimnagh
Re-Creation: 2015
Total run time: 1 hour

Inspired by childhood memories both fond and fearsome, Les Paradis Perdus / Remix is a world within a world. Originally created in 2005, the choreography is revisited and reworked anew by Laurence Lemieux. Featuring original music and live performance by composer Christopher Butterfield, and performances by dancers Luke Garwood and Erin Poole.

“Childhood is…the sense of freedom, the completely different awareness of time and way of seeing the world.”
–Laurence Lemieux in interview with The Toronto Star

“[Luke Garwood and Erin Poole] are the kind of dancers you might entrust to inhabit you, were a dance made about you.”–Fjord Review