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Videos in editing.
Filmmaker Chris Wiseman and sound artist Arthur McArthur at work finishing up series of dance-shorts from the performance.

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September 2013

Trip Success
Bill Coleman and dancers Kassi Scott, James Kendal, and Anne Trepanier took off on a journey into another BEYOND THE STAGE event: deep within the rainforest in B.C.
5-days of rehearsal at the Hollyhock Learning Centre in Sunshine Coast and 3-days of isolated performance along the wild coast, exploring Bill Coleman’s cognitive exploration of movement and the dancer’s ability to become attuned to the environment.
Watch for short dance videos to launch in October!









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August 2013



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July 2013


The B.C. Coastal Rainforest is an upcoming project

that will take live performance to three pristine locations in British Columbia’s rainforest in September 2013.

A collaboration of performance and film, it will take the viewer on an unexpected and spectacular journey into the visceral wilderness of our coast and of ourselves. We will create dances that are interwoven with nature—a metaphor for our intimacy with the natural world and a celebration of this amazing place.

The videos will take the viewer into the dance to not just see what the dancing is like but to feel what its like to be within the dance in the British Columbia rainforest.The video and still imagery created during this adventure will be used by our partners Raincoast Conservation Foundation to promote awareness and protection of wild habitats along the coast.Our goal is that our images, and footage, will go viral through our online community on social media and those communities of our partners and supporters, so that this rare performance and wild place can reach people everywhere.

Here’s to art, nature, and culture!