Original Performance Date: August 12, 2012

The Banff Live Event is a day-long, three-tiered performance that takes place on: a Mountain, in the park area surrounding the town of Banff and, in the town itself. Consultations with localresidents and organizations have revealed a need for content-based events that relate to the shared lives and history of the park, the community and its surroundings. CLC will work with a select group of artists, and artists in residence at The Banff Centre creating:

1. A “mountain symphony” using the natural acoustics of the Banff Valley
to be performed at dawn and dusk.

2. A performance in a densely wooded natural setting in the park

3. Performances at historic locations in town (The Banff Springs Hoteland The Banff Museum). The audiences’ experience will be a continuous one that allows them to be guided to and from each location.