Choreographed by Laurence Lemieux

Laurence Lemieux’s striking solo work created in honour of her father’s lifelong research in the field of political science in Quebec.

Choreographed and performed by Laurence Lemieux
Music by Gordon Monahan
Lighting Design by Simon Rossiter

“Lemieuxʼs powerful presence never falters… Lemieux empowers and politicizes the playful as she presents these sharply delineated forms through her lone dancing body in a way that subtly transforms all of the elements of her choreography into a beautifully layered dance narrative as homage to her father’s detailed and painstaking work…” – David Bateman, Bateman Reviews

February 2012: The Citadel, Toronto
September 2013: La Rotonde, Quebec City
October 2013: The Citadel, Toronto
November 2014: Arts Court, Ottawa