Anna-Marie (Mimi) Herrndorf, her husband Hellmut (Bobby) Herrndorf and family arrived in Canada as immigrants in the winter of 1948. The Herrndorfs had survived the horrors of the Second World War in Europe and embraced the freedom, opportunity, and security that Canada offered.

When the Herrndorf family members were granted Canadian citizenship in 1953, Mimi Herrndorf became a proud and enthusiastic Canadian.  She strongly encouraged her children Fred, Peter and Catherine (Kiki) to pursue their professional passions. The Herrndorfs flourished in Canada.

Mimi took particular pleasure in the arts. Throughout her life, she was a patron of dance, theatre and music performances in Winnipeg and Toronto. She instilled her love of the arts in her entire family.

This dance studio, from now on known as Mimi’s Studio Theatre, is dedicated to her memory – a wonderful woman, wife and mother, a proud Canadian, and a passionate supporter of the arts.

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