Original Performance Dates: March 21-31, 2012

Choreography by Laurence Lemieux
Performed by Bill Coleman and Laurence Lemieux
Music composed and performed by Vladimir Sidorov
Set design by David Gaucher
Lighting design by Pierre Lavoie


Varenka, Varenka! (2003) is a choreographic work from Laurence Lemieux inspired by Fyodor Dostoevsky’s literary work Poor Folk. The novel represents a series of letters between Makar Dievushkin and Varenka Dobroselova: “Through the simple and spontaneous lines of their correspondence, their sincere affection for each other can be discerned…but this shared feeling will be the downfall of one of them.” Along with partner Bill Coleman, Laurence Lemieux transforms the words and imagination of Dostoevsky and the drama of these two solitudes into dance.

Varenka, Varenka! is a masterful piece of choreography. Lemieux has translated Dos­toevsky’s novel into a dance anyone can easily understand.” – Susan Walker, Toronto Star