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Sylvie and Laurence on CBC

May 10, 2023 Dancer reaching forward in warm pink light with second dancer holding their hips behind them Photo by Dahlia Katz

Last week Sylvie Bouchard, Artistic Director of BoucharDanse, and Citadel + Compagnie’s Laurence Lemieux had the pleasure of speaking with CBC Radio-Canada’s Hadrien Volle. The interview discusses BoucharDanse’s current production Encounters, the final show in the Citadel LIVE 22.23 season. It also reflects on the unique experience of attending a show at The Citadel – from the beauty of the space itself to the eclectic, challenging and entertaining work that exists within the season.

To listen to the full interview click on the button below.

Culture : La compagnie BoucharDanse présente deux créations
Y a pas deux matins a pareils
mercredi 10 mai 2023