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Photo by Tyler Gledhill

The Citadel: Ross Centre for Dance

Citadel + Compagnie is a dance organization with its home, The Citadel: Ross Centre for Dance, embedded within the Regent Park community of downtown Toronto.

Through its creation, curation and cultivation of contemporary dance, Citadel + Compagnie’s mission is to make a significant and lasting contribution to dance in Canada. Led by artistic director, Laurence Lemieux, the company’s vision is for exceptional dance to reach diverse communities and audiences and foster ongoing dialogue between artists and the public.

In 2007, the company (formerly Coleman Lemieux & Compagnie), led by Laurence Lemieux and Bill Coleman, purchased a Salvation Army Citadel in Regent Park to renovate into a cultural beacon, including studio, office, and theatre space.

Since 2012 The Citadel has established itself as an open and welcoming space for artists to rehearse, create and perform and where the community can learn, communicate, and share. In 2017, the company formally became Citadel + Compagnie, to better reflect the stabilizing effect the ownership of The Citadel has had on the organization and its influence on the company’s mandate of nurturing creative excellence while fostering cultural participation.

Space + Equipment Rentals

The Citadel: Ross Centre for Dance houses the Jean Soper Studio, a 30’ x 30’ dance studio, the Mimi Herrndorf Studio Theatre, a 30’ x 55’ intimate theatre space, and the recently added Lindy Green Wing, a dedicated dressing room for performers.

Space + Equipment Rentals

Creative Incubator / Residencies

Expanding on the company’s existing values of inclusion, collaboration, accessibility and trust, Citadel + Compagnie is furthering its impact by creating more space for more artists at its home, The Citadel: Ross Centre for Dance. Currently we offer three pillars of engagement: The Creative Incubator Pilot Project, Company-in-Residence, and Presenter-in-Residence.

Creative Incubator / Residencies


In light of recent closures of dedicated dance spaces in Toronto, Citadel + Compagnie is launching Espace/Partage,a pilot program created to support emerging dance artists in TorontoThis membership based program will offer free studio space to its members, allowing them to access both our downstairs studio and our theatre space when these spaces would otherwise be sitting empty.

Applications are now closed. Stay tuned for a new session starting June 2023!

Community Programs

Citadel + Compagnie is deeply committed to working in partnership with its local community. Since 2016, The Citadel has hosted neighbour Toronto Council Fire’s Indigenous youth dance program, First Fire.

Toronto Council Fire Native Cultural Centre is an autonomous, vibrant cultural agency that involves and serves the Indigenous community with confidence for and commitment to their well-being. Council Fire’s mandate is to provide counselling, material assistance and other direct services to First Nations people as well as to encourage and enhance spiritual and personal growth.

Toronto Council Fire