We are so thrilled to announce the return of The Citadel Dance Program! It will be online, starting in January and run to the end of March, with a mix of videos, and Zoom classes. Registration starts December 11, 2020.

More information here!


Beginner Ballet: Ages 3-4 

Primary Ballet: Ages 5-7 

Level I Ballet: Ages 8-10 

Level I Tap: Ages 5-7 

Level II Tap: Ages 8-10 

REGISTRATION: Registration begins December 11, 2020. To register, please submit the online registration here!

And e-transfer your $25 registration fee (per child) to: info@citadelcie.com

If you’d like to sign a paper version of the registration form, they will be available at The Citadel (304 Parliament St.) from Jan. 4-8, 2021, or by appointment (email cdp@citadelcie.com

*Please note: The Citadel will be closed from Dec. 19, 2020-January 3, 2021)* 

TEACHERS: We are thrilled to have Portia Wade teaching all of the pre-recorded ballet classes, and the live 3-4 and 5-7 Zoom classes. A guest teacher will be teaching the live 8-10 classes on Zoom. The wonderful Dianne Montgomery will be teaching all of the tap classes. They are all extraordinary teachers with deep ties to The Citadel and we know the kids are going to love them! 

There will be our annual $25 registration fee per child, and the classes will be free.