We are thrilled to be hosting Toronto Council Fire Native Cultural Centre’s First Fire dance program this fall.

Founder of First Fire, Dana Khan, from Toronto Council Fire Native Cultural Centre (an autonomous, vibrant cultural agency that involves and serves the Indigenous community with confidence for and commitment to their well-being) has teamed up with the Central Neighbourhood House to offer Indigenous and non-Indigenous Regent Park children and youth after school dance programs.

The Citadel studio is packed on Tuesday and Thursday evenings with four styles of dance including Traditional hoop dancing. First Fire celebrates “progress over perfection” and is currently in its fourth year. Two programs are now being offered, for Juniors (7-12 years old) and Seniors (13-18), and Dana also offers mentoring and employment opportunities for senior students to teach the younger dancers. 

First Fire Dance Program for Youth (13-18 years old) on Thursdays from 5-7.

First Fire Juniors (7-12 years old) on Thursday from 4-5pm.

Please contact Dana Khan if you are interested in taking part: or 416-360-4350 x228.