The West Wing

We are building a room at The Citadel for dancers and you can help by adding your name on a brick.

For the last 9 months we’ve been expanding The Citadel and building a room designed especially for dancers. We call it “The West Wing”, because it is where our highly valuable people, the dancers, will now be able to prepare before going onstage.

Photo by Jeremy Minmagh

Photo by Jeremy Minmagh

The West Wing will be a gift for all the dancers who use The Citadel – professionals including the dancers in this year’s Bright Nights series, the children in the Citadel Dance Program performing in their spring and winter recitals, independent artists and community members who perform in our theatre, and of course our very own CLC dancers. Without this room dancers have to get ready for the stage in the office, or even at times in the stairway!

We have already raised over half of the costs of the construction, but we still need to raise an additional $150,000 to finish The West Wing. 

You can help us by making a charitable donation of $500, and your name, or the name of your parent, sibling, loved one or whomever you want to honour, will be added on a brick on the wall.

With your help, The West Wing will open in the spring of 2017, and every artist and child using the room will forever witness the generosity of all the donors who made the construction of The West Wing a reality.

Kind words from a recent donor: I am in awe of CLC’s resilience, commitment and passion for all that you do for the dance community and for Regent Park. You have made a difference in so many people’s lives, both in the arts and surrounding communities through endless hours of hard work and diligence towards progress and opportunity for all artists. I will always support you! I look forward to seeing CLC complete each goal one grand jeté at a time and I hope my donation will help Erin and future dancers prepare comfortably in the new dressing room that they deserve!

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