We are SO excited that Serge Bennathan will be returning to Toronto this week, bringing Just Words to The Citadel. Tickets are selling fast (and how could they not be? Check out the incredible dancers, Hilary Maxwell and Karissa Barry, above!)

The Dance Current’s Naomi Brand called the show a “ferocious dance toward the heart” that “reaches unabashedly for the heart with its words but hits the guts with its movement.”

In the work, Bennathan confronts the reality of becoming an “artistic orphan,” a challenge that every artist faces as important people and influential mentors in their lives disappear.

The trio features Bennathan, and Vancouver-based dancers Karissa Barry and Hilary Maxwell. “The capacity of these two dancers of being highly physical as well as extremely vulnerable and delicate brings an extremely rich texture in the work,” says Bennathan.

“I was always so inspired by Serge’s work at Dancemakers and have missed seeing his choreography each year. I am thrilled to be hosting his return to Toronto and am so excited to see where he’s at as an artist.” —Laurence Lemieux, Coleman Lemieux & Compagnie Co-Artistic Director and Bright Nights Programmer

October 6-8, 2016  |  8pm
The Citadel: 304 Parliament Street, Toronto
$25 General Admission
$20 Artists, Students, Seniors

Don’t miss out! Tickets here or by phone: 416.364.8011 ext.1