Created by Luke Garwood and Jeremy Mimnagh, Wounded Woods is an original photography and augmented reality installation created in partnership with Laurence Lemieux’s Jusqu’a Vimy. Free for public viewing, this gallery experience takes place in the downstairs studio at The Citadel: Ross Centre for Dance. The exhibit uses a custom app to showcase digital sculptures created using 3D scans of C+C company dancers, alongside incredible, large format images taken in Vimy this spring. iPads will be provided so audience members can experience the augmented reality content.

Time erodes memories, and oral stories get lost over the years and consequently, the impact of what these soldiers did also gets lost, or at least or diminished.

Wounded Woods is a response to the idea that those who survived the war – both soldiers and their families – whether wounded, scarred, or unscathed, came back home changed.

Every soldier was a son, brother, neighbour, or father, and the effect of their time in the war also continues to ripple outwards. In the work, the soldiers’ lives and their families’ lives act as monuments, allowing the knowledge of their actions to endure beyond their lifetime.

One witness of the battle still stands on site, the last remaining oak tree in Vimy, riddled with bullet holes. The holes have grown shut, showing that even through the most horrific, violent situations, nature persists.

This work pays homage to eight soldiers who died at Vimy, all neighbours in the Regent Park community, as well as to those who came home.

Wounded Woods: November 1-30, 2017
Note: admission to Wounded Woods is free
The Citadel: Ross Centre for Dance
304 Parliament St., Toronto

Jusqu’a Vimy, choreographed by Laurence Lemieux
November 15-18 & 22-25, 2017
The Citadel: Ross Centre for Dance
304 Parliament St., Toronto
Presented by C+C through Bright Nights

Wounded Woods was funded by a Ontario150 Community Celebration Program grant from the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport. We are grateful for their support.