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allies and friends (May)

May 31-June 1, 2024
8PM @ The Citadel
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wind in the leaves collective

Citadel LIVE presents

allies and friends: tongues entwined
wind in the leaves collective


Featuring works by: Lillia Allen and Kevin A. Ormsby, Pulga Muchochoma, and witlc artists Jillia Cato, Bakari Lindsay, charles c. smith and Irma Villafuerte.  

Presenter-in-residence, wind in the leaves collective, returns with part three of their three-part performance series allies and friends, fusing poetry and movement for an evening of intimate and insightful performances.

Meet the Artists

Photo of wind in the leaves collective

wind in the leaves collective


The ‘wind in the leaves collective’ has developed a significant body of work over the past decade. Our unique approach to multi-disciplinary performance takes its lead from the artistic director’s poetry which is explored and choreographed by dancers, musicians and video artists.

This collaboration across disciplines has been successful in engaging audiences and building a profile for this type of performance. The ‘collective’ is now staging performances with other artists that involve similar elements, i.e., connecting poetry with dance and music in creation and performance. Since the start of 2020-21 season, the ‘collective’ has been Presenter-in-Residence at The Citadel where selected artists share the stage and advance the notion of poetry and dance as a seamless art form practiced by racialized and Indigenous artists and drawing from historic pre-colonial practices made contemporary.

Show Credits

Unknown Title 
Choreographers and Performers: Lilian Allen, Kevin A. Ormsby 

Lilian Allen and Kevin A. Ormsby will perform a piece exploring dub poetry and Afro/Jamaican movement. 
prayer for our children 
Choreographer and Performer: Pulga Muchochoma 

Pulga Muchochoma will perform poem prayer for our children to his solo of Ngoma. 
metamorphosis and conversation 
Choreographers and Performers: Jillia Cato, Bakari Lindsay, charles c. smith, Irma Villafuerte 

witlc members will perform a piece that portrays the challenges of racially motivated violence facing Black lives.


Artist Notes

Themed ‘tongues entwined’, this season of allies and friends features Latinx and Black artists working in multi-and inter-arts forms involving poetry/dance/music. Each presentation has been curated to bring these artists together in ways that will accent this intention and bring these performances before diverse audiences. The format for performances follows the unique aesthetic of the wind in the leaves collective, which derives from the ancestral practices of West African Griots, the expressiveness of Black slaves in minstrel/vaudeville performances, the Harlem Renaissance, Black Arts Movement, the inter-connections between Black music (jazz/blues) and poetic expression, and the impact of the ‘choreo-poem’.

Headshot of BaKari Ifasegun Lindsay

BaKari Ifasegun Lindsay

Choreographer / Performer

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Photo of person jumping in the air, legs bent and arms lifted above the head.

Pulga Muchochoma

Choreographer / Performer

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Headshot of Kevin A. Ormsby

Kevin A. Ormsby

Choreographer / Performer

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Irma Villafuerte

Choreographer / Performer

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