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Photo by Emilie Trimbee


November 15 - 28, 2021
On Demand
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Digital World Premiere

Produced by Guetcha Guaritcha

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Citadel LIVE On Demand Presents

Choreographed by Mateo Galindo Torres

Choreographed by Mateo Galindo Torres, I:POLITICAL, uses a mixture of contemporary dance, poetry, projections, original music, sculpture and live painting, to reflect on the relationship and conflict between personal expressions of identity and social constructs.

Run time is approximately 40 minutes.

Meet the Artists

Photo of Mateo Galindo Torres Photo by German Prieto

Mateo Galindo Torres

Choreographer / Performer

Mateo Galindo Torres (GUETCHA GUARITCHA) is a Colombian-born multidisciplinary dance artist based in Toronto. He started his dance training in Bogota at an early age, and deepened his studies in the USA, Cuba, and Canada. As an interpreter he has performed professionally in Canada, Colombia, Cuba, Germany, Mexico, and Panama.

His most recent performance since 2018 includes working with Sashar Zarif, Danny Grossman, Aria Evans, Kaeja d’Dance, Larchaud Dance Project, Charles Smith, Debra Brown, Nico Contreras, Symphony Nova Scotia, Trevor Copp, Kathleen Rea, Peter Quanz, Jacob Niedzwiecki, the school of Cadnce Ballet, and most recently the Stratford Festival in their production of Wendy and Peter Pan. As a choreographer he has presented work in many Canadian cities including Montreal, Toronto and St John’s. His work is highly influenced by his Latinx American background, often politically charged, and inspired by social subject matters. Galindo Torres fuses his eclectic movement training within his choreography creating a distinct movement quality.

Photo of William Yong Photo by Kristof Arasim

William Yong


William Yong is the founder and artistic director of Zata Omm and W Zento Production. William has spent last sixteen years breaking new ground collaborating with artists, scientists and engineers in bold and innovative ways.

He has made Zata Omm a site for research focussing on the integration of dance, technology and broader culture. W Zento Production is a film and video production house found its way to be in demand for the vibrant short films industry. William was a winner of Dora Mavor Moore Award and of “I love dance” Award for Innovation. William was awarded the winner of ‘Best Cinematography’ for Monument in Venice Shorts Film Awards, the finalist at the Paris International Short Festival and the semi-finalist at both New York Cinematography Awards and Luleå International Film Festival. William was also awarded the winner of ‘Award of Excellence’ for Noppera-bō at the One-Reeler Short Film Competition in Los Angeles.

Show Credits

Directed by: William Yong
Choreographed by: Mateo Galindo Torres
Performed by: Katherine Semchuk and Mateo Galindo Torres
Live painting by: Robyn Macdonald

Film editing: Xavier Pestana (in collaboration with Mateo Galindo Torres)
Director of photography & first camera: Sid Sawant (onUp productions)
Second camera: Shayne Larcher

Original music & sound design: Grej (in conjunction with Santiago Botero & Rachel Therrien)
Trumpet, flugelhorn: Rachel Therrien
Electric bass, double bass, electronics, vocals: Santiago Botero
Vocals, marimba: Ferney (La Wey) Segura
Drums, synths, electronics: Grej

Text: Mateo Galindo Torres
Voice over: Irma Villafuerte, Grej, Mateo Galindo Torres

Lighting design: Emilie Trimbee
Projection design: Mateo Galindo Torres

Outside eye & original projection concept: Aria Evans

Costume design: Robyn Macdonald
Sculpture: Manuel Trujillo
Set design: James Kendal

Technical director: Sophia Fabiano
Stage manager: James Kendal

Producers: Andrea Pestana, Mateo Galindo Torres


Guetcha Guaritcha would like to thank the following organizations and funders for their support of the realization of this project:

Kaeja d’Dance
onUP productions
National Ballet of Canada
TAC, OAC, Canada Council

Artist Notes

The initial inspiration for I:POLITICAL was the idea of identity as a struggle between social constructs and natural essence. How much of ourselves is shaped by our experiences and cultural environment, and how much comes “genetically” coded in us. It quickly became apparent I was not approaching this idea from an abstract perspective, but in relationship with my own identity as an Latinx immigrant. Images of assimilation, imposition, evolution, discrimination, anger, pride, defiance, loneliness and love came out in unexpected ways. Furthermore, I became fascinated how this related to what is happening in our society today. All these movements that are sprouting and challenging the status quo are both inspiring and troubling, as they reflect how much work we need to do as species.

While I have learned a lot from this process, I:POLITICAL is not meant to be a literal representation of any particular idea. If anything I:POLITICAL is an invitation to reflect on our existence as human beings. I invite you to trust that your interpretation of the work is the right interpretation.

Special thanks to Carlos Delgado, Pilar Escobar, Caryn Chappell, and Stéphanie Tremblay. Your creative contributions to this work have been invaluable.

– Mateo Gallindo Torres

Headshot of James Kendal

James Kendal

Set Designer / Stage Manager

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