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November 15 – 28, 2021
Photo by Emilie Trimbee

Show Credits

Directed by: William Yong
Choreographed by: Mateo Galindo Torres
Performed by: Katherine Semchuk and Mateo Galindo Torres
Live painting by: Robyn Macdonald
Film editing: Xavier Pestana (in collaboration with Mateo Galindo Torres)
Director of photography & first camera: Sid Sawant (onUp productions)
Second camera: Shayne Larcher
Original music & sound design: Grej (in conjunction with Santiago Botero & Rachel Therrien)
Trumpet, flugelhorn: Rachel Therrien
Electric bass, double bass, electronics, vocals: Santiago Botero
Vocals, marimba: Ferney (La Wey) Segura
Drums, synths, electronics: Grej
Text: Mateo Galindo Torres
Voice over: Irma Villafuerte, Grej, Mateo Galindo Torres
Lighting design: Emilie Trimbee
Projection design: Mateo Galindo Torres
Outside eye & original projection concept: Aria Evans
Costume design: Robyn Macdonald
Sculpture: Manuel Trujillo
Set design: James Kendal
Technical director: Sophia Fabiano
Stage manager: James Kendal
Producers: Andrea Pestana, Mateo Galindo Torres

Guetcha Guaritcha would like to thank the following organizations and funders for their support of the realization of this project:
Kaeja d’Dance
onUP productions
National Ballet of Canada
TAC, OAC, Canada Council

Part of Citadel LIVE On Demand
Produced by Guetcha Guaritcha


Choreographed by Mateo Galindo Torres

Choreographed by Mateo Galindo Torres, I:POLITICAL, uses a mixture of contemporary dance, poetry, projections, original music, sculpture and live painting, to reflect on the relationship and conflict between personal expressions of identity and social constructs.

Run time is approximately 40 minutes.

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