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Saturday Shift

October 1 – 1, 2022
Photo by Jeremy Mimnagh

Show Credits

Choreographed by: Ana Claudette Groppler
Performer and Collaborator: Kiah Francis
Music and Composition by: Maggie Bitten

Choreographed and performed by: Kieran Heralall
Musicians: Aathy Aravinthan, Malini Pararajasingham, Saibruntha Arunthavashanmughanathan, Sriparan Yoganathan, Vishnu Kandanchatha 

Catastrophe in ‘C’
Choreographed by: Mushtari Afroz and Christine Samuel
Performed by: Mushtari Afroz, Christine Samuel, Alina Mehra, Kaavya Sharm
Composer: Tanveer Alam Shawjeeb (Canada & Bangladesh)
Percussion: Pallab Sanyal (Bangladesh)
Flute: Mamunur Rashid (Bangladesh)
Rehearsal Assistant: Imran Noor Mohammed (Canada)

About the Show

Ana Claudette Groppler

Kiah explores what it means to hold space for themselves, how to connect to her emotional state through movement with presence. Finding honesty in their emotional experiences, personal anxieties, and mental health struggles they explore ways to find inner-comfort and self-love. Learning new ways to listen to their intuition she tries to let the emotion vibrate through their body and let it pass without holding on so tightly.

Kieran Heralall 

While performing the Tandav, Lord Nataraja’s bell is dislodged from his foot and soars into the air. To save the Earth from its impact, he receives the bell on his head, and as it bounces to the ground, the first ever percussive syllables are created. 

Catastrophe in ‘C’ 
Mushtari Afroz and Christine Samuel 

Catastrophe in ‘C’ is an attempt to bring to our consciousness the repetitive nature of crisis that is inseparable from Capitalistic societies. It is a reminder at a time when the entire globe is already in one such major catastrophe that the exact same event of the past does not repeat. What repeats is our suffering that catastrophe brings us that Capitalism creates the possibility for to happen. 

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