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Thursday Shift

Thursday, September 29
Show starts @ 10PM
Go on sale on September 07, 2022.



Night Shift Presents

Crossing Waters
Choreographed and performed by Candace Kumar

Crossing Waters is a cultural reimagination piece inspired by the natural flow of water. The dancers perform Pangalay, the fingernail dance performed by communities in the Sulu Archipelago in the southern Philippines. The movements are slow and meditative, imitating the Sulu Sea combined with modern hip hop music and street dance styles.


Beyond the line
Choreographed and performed by Carleen Zouboules and Vania Do-doo Beales

Beyond the line explores the relevance of boundaries in the mental and physical state. Through movement and conversation, we dissect the idea of self-generated boundaries, boundaries within a partnership and breaking/crossing boundaries. 


Choreographed and performed by Kiyo Asaoka

A Japanese traditional music instrument player/singer Aki and a flamenco dancer Kiyo bring their collaborative artistic material together. It is a mix of two different art forms, and newness and tradition. 

Meet the Artists

Photo of Candace Kumar Photo by Jeremy Mimnagh

Candace Kumar


Candace Kumar is a Filipino/Indo-Fijian dance artist based in Toronto. Her work aims to contemporize cultural dance forms to reimagine traditional culture from the diaspora.

Some of her notable performances include the 2015 Pan Am Games, Nuit Blanche, SummerWorks Festival, and international festivals in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Mexico, Alaska, and the Czech Republic. Candace has worked with Little Pear Garden Dance Company, Nova Dance, Anandam Dance Theatre, Creativiva Entertainment and more. She shares her experience as a mixed-Asian Canadian artist in hopes of inspiring other artists to explore their relationship to their culture through dance. 

Photo of Carleen Zouboules + Vania DoDoo-Beals Photo by Jeremy Mimnagh

Carleen Zouboules + Vania DoDoo-Beals


Carleen Zouboules is a contemporary dance artist who graduated from Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly known as Ryerson) in 2020.

Vania Dodoo-Beals is a contemporary dance artist who graduated from Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly known as Ryerson) in 2020.

Carleen’s latest credentials include performing in Guillaume Côté’s  Touch. Carleen dances for the Canadian Indigenous dance company, Red Sky Performance and recently joined the Toronto company ProArteDanza. She has performed at Fall for Dance North twice, once in Red Sky Performance’s piece Flow and once under Anne Plamondon in her piece Fiddle Embrace. 


Vania’s latest credentials include working as the Assistant Choreographer to Siphesihle November’s new work On Solid Ground, which premiered alongside Elite Syncopations, and Skyward. Emerging in the Creative Industry, Vania has developed a reputation for being innovative, detail oriented and present strong leadership skills. During her time at Ryerson, Vania had the privilege of working with Peggy Baker, Anne Plamondon, Dylan Crossman (Cunningham trust) and Vicki St Denys. Sharing her heritage with African and English culture, Vania seeks to represent and advocate for black women in contemporary dance. 

Photo of Kiyo Asaoka Photo by Jeremy Mimnagh

Kiyo Asaoka


Kiyo Asaoka is a flamenco dancer, who also produces, teaches, directs and choreographs.

It’s been over 20 years since flamenco became a part of her life and a part of herself. In 2016, she started managing Tablao Flamenco Toronto, a non-profit organization that produces a monthly live flamenco performance. 

Show Credits

Crossing Waters 

Choreographed and performed by: Kandace Kumar
Assistant Choreographer: Diana Reyes, Faye Roncesvalles
Performed by: Candace Kumar, Diana Reyes, Faye Roncesvalles Composer: Lex Junior
Costume: Folklorico Filipino Canada
Artistic Consultation: Parangal Dance Company
Indigenous Culture Bearer: Sitti Obeso 


Beyond the line 

Choreographed and performed by: Carleen Zouboules and Vania Dodoo-Beals
Music creation by: Laith Hakeem 



Choreographed and performed by: Kiyo Asaoka
Music and musical performance by: Aki Takahashi 


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