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Thursday Shift

September 29 – 29, 2022
Photo by Jeremy Mimnagh

Show Credits

Crossing Waters 
Choreographed and performed by: Candace Kumar
Assistant Choreographer: Diana Reyes, Faye Roncesvalles
Performed by: Candace Kumar, Diana Reyes, Faye Roncesvalles
Composer: Lex Junior
Costume: Folklorico Filipino Canada
Artistic Consultation: Parangal Dance Company
Indigenous Culture Bearer: Sitti Obeso

Beyond the line 
Choreographed by: Carleen Zouboules, Vania Dodoo-Beals
Performed by: Vania Dodoo-Beals, Miyeko Ferguson
Music creation by: Laith Hakeem, Santiago Rozo

Choreographed and performed by: Kiyo Asaoka
Music and musical performance by: Aki Takahashi

About the Show

Crossing Waters
Candace Kumar

Crossing Waters is a cultural reimagination piece inspired by the natural flow of water. The dancers perform Pangalay, the fingernail dance performed by communities in the Sulu Archipelago in the southern Philippines. The movements are slow and meditative, imitating the Sulu Sea combined with modern hip hop music and street dance styles.

Beyond the line
Carleen Zouboules and Vania Dodoo-Beals

Beyond the line explores the relevance of boundaries in the mental and physical state. Through movement and conversation, we dissect the idea of self-generated boundaries, boundaries within a partnership and breaking/crossing boundaries.

Kiyo Asaoka

A Japanese traditional music instrument player/singer Aki and a flamenco dancer Kiyo bring their collaborative artistic material together. It is a mix of two different art forms, and newness and tradition. 

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