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Photo by Jeremy Mimnagh

Saturday October 7

10PM @ The Citadel Tickets: Not Currently Available

Livestream available until October 15 at 11:59PM.
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Co-presented with Fall For Dance North


and made possible (in part) by the Government of Canada

Night/Shift Presents

Baffour Kwasi Obeng-Adjei, MillO Dance Projects and Serwaa Daley


Close out our series with performances exploring themes of community, self-reflection, and the complexities of trust and intimacy. It is sure to be a powerful night, and one that is not to be missed!

Approximate run time is 15 minutes per work

Meet the Artists

Photo of Baffour Kwasi Obeng-Adjei Photo by Steve Roberts

Baffour Kwasi Obeng-Adjei

Baffour Kwasi Obeng-Adjei is a Canadian multidisciplinary artist, emerging choreographer and dance educator based in Brampton, Ontario. His training consists of many Traditional West African Dances, Afro Contemporary, and Afro Fusion. He has worked for the likes of Esie Mensah, and Lua Shayenne to name a few, which led to opportunities that include Pan-American Games, Kira, The Path | La Voie, The Raptors half-time show, Zayo and more.

Photo of MillO Dance Projects Photo by Geanderson Mello

MillO Dance Projects

MillO Dance Projects (MDP) is a Toronto contemporary dance collective founded by Geanderson Mello and Mio Sakamoto in 2020. As persons of colour and first-generation immigrants of Canada, MDP often reflect upon cultural differences, social issues, beliefs, and questions about traditional structures through their works.

Over the past 3 years, MDP has produced 5 dance films and 1 live performance. Their most recent film Lucid Spacewas selected as a Finalist at BIPOC Film Festival (Canada) and a Semi-Finalist at Moovy Tanz Film (Germany). In 2021 and 2022, MDP hosted a screening event, Nightfall, which presented a total of 14 dance films and 2 live performances in Toronto.

Photo of Serwaa Daley Photo by Dawit Tibebu

Serwaa Daley

Serwaa Daley is a dancer and choreographer. She graduated with her Honors BFA in Dance from York University. She has danced for Fairy J (New Blue Emerging Dance Festival), ArbezDrama Projects (Toronto Fringe), and performed repertoire from Peggy Baker Dance Projects (dance: made in canada/fait au canada). Serwaa has been to New York City to attend ArchCore40 (Jennifer Archibald) and Los Angeles to train with Micaela Taylor (TL Collective).

She is interested in expanding her training to embody Butoh, partnering, stage combat, and motion capture performance for video games.

Show Credits

Choreographer: Baffour Kwasi Obeng-Adjei

Act II
Performers: MillO Dance Projects

Serwaa Daley

Production Team

Lighting Designer: Emilie Trimbee
Production Stage Manager:
Helin Gungoren
Production Manager:
Mariana Rosato
Technical Director: Eliajah Stefura



Y3N KO in Akan Twi translates as “let’s go”. We use these as words of encouragement, to remind ourselves to always push through the obstacles that present themselves. This piece celebrates this idea. The coming together to embrace ourselves as individuals and as a community through a western perspective in the new modern aspect of African Dance. 

Act II

Act II is a piece built on platonic intimacy and trust between two people. It explores how to stay under someone’s gaze without feeling pressure to act or change our own natural way of being. Through abstract narrative, choreographer Jarkko Mandelin aims to create a world that resonates with and comments on not only our society, but also our way of being. 


Seeker is a journey of self. In exploring the idea of always searching for and needing to see another person, l realized I was running away from seeing myself. Seeking approval and validation from the opinions of others left me poisoned and empty on the inside. It was at rock bottom that I learned to stop running and finally see myself.

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