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on air

February 18 – 26, 2022

Show Credits

Choreographer: Heidi Strauss with the performers
Performers: Syreeta Hector, Jane-Alison McKinney, Amanda Pye
Projection Designer: Jeremy Mimnagh
Composer: Joshua Van Tassel
Lighting Designer: André du Toit
Costume Designer: Alana Elmer
Metcalf Foundation Intern: Dedra McDermott
Vocal Coach: Fides Krucker
Producer: Rachel Penny

Voiceover text by Lillian Titus

on air is made possible with the support of:
Lindy Green & Sam Chaiton
The Canada Council for the Arts
Citadel + Compagnie Creative Incubator Program

Special Thanks: Luke Garwood, Rebecca Picherack, Art Spin, Orillia Centre for Arts and Culture, National Ballet of Canada Open Space program, Laura Phillips, Crystal Lee, Adrien Whan, Simon Rossiter, Charissa Wilcox, Mairi Greig

Part of the Citadel LIVE series


on air
Choreographed by Heidi Strauss


on air is a conversation between three women forcibly yet delicately exploring generational difference, the juxtaposition of real and virtual, and the state of being in-between; partly there, partly not – the absent presence. Through play and relationship, the dancers and audience approach the uncertain and unanswerable together.

Run time is approximately 1 hour 20 minutes.



Production Manager: Kit Simmons
Consulting Production Manager: Aaron Kelly
Stage Manager: Laura Cournoyea
Head Technician: Eli Stefura


Director: Jeremy Mimnagh
Camera Operators: John Lauener, Michael Mortley
Switcher: Jordan Calcafuoco
Sound Engineer: John Gzowski

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