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on air

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February 18-19, 23-26, 2022
8pm @ The Citadel
Livestream Feb. 25
Citadel Tickets
World Premiere

Citadel LIVE Presents

on air
Choreographed by Heidi Strauss

on air is a conversation between three women forcibly yet delicately exploring generational difference, the juxtaposition of real and virtual, and the state of being in-between; partly there, partly not – the absent presence. Through play and relationship, the dancers and audience approach the uncertain and unanswerable together.

Run time is approximately 1 hour 15 minutes.

Meet the Artists

Photo of Heidi Strauss

Heidi Strauss


Heidi Strauss creates dance-based experiences to examine human behavior from different perspectives, using relationships as a basis to consider our current social and environmental moment.

She is interested in challenging how we see/experience performance by shifting the physical perspective of the audience, creating immersive, installation, ambulatory, site-sensitive and digital works for theatre and non-theatre environments. A multi-Dora Award winning choreographer and the Artistic Director of adelheid, Heidi believes in creating opportunity for emerging artists interested in performance and choreographic development through adelheid’s re:research programming. She has been a resident artist at the Factory Theatre, The Theatre Centre, Harbourfront Centre, and currently at The Citadel. Heidi has been commissioned by/choreographed for Toronto Dance Theatre, Mocean Dance, The Frankfurt Opera, The Canadian Opera Company, Volcano Theatre, and the Stratford Festival.  She is a recipient of the KM Hunter Award for Dance.

Show Credits

Choreographer: Heidi Strauss with the dancers
Performers: Syreeta Hector, Jane Alison McKinney, Amanda Pye
Composer: Joshua Van Tassel
Costume Designer:
Alana Elmer
Projection Designer: Jeremy Mimnagh
Interaction Designer:
Luke Garwood
Lighting Designer:
André du Toit

Artist Notes

I began exploring this feeling of being-in-between in late 2019, coinciding with the loss of my father. What can and can’t be controlled, and what to let go of were questions I was asking. Then the pandemic hit. And as our world slipped into a new era, the dancers and I began to look at these departure points in ways that were immediately personal. This work was created in collaboration with the artists.

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