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Trilogy Of BEing

April 13 - Dear Brother (Solo)
April 14 - Dear Brother (Quartet)
April 15 - Dear Brother (Solo)
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Trilogy of BEing… is a creative collaboration between Canadian and American choreographers — all of whom had worked or danced with Ormsby throughout his career. The production is grounded in Black existence and experiences: environmental, social and cultural.  

This production is dedicated to the life and contributions to Jamaican dance by Barbara Requa, the first navigator of my dance career at Jamaica School of Dance Youth Program; giving birth to the career I now celebrate.  Both Mr. Walker and myself 


Unmasked: Seaweed King 

Christopher Walker’s Unmasked: Seaweed King depicts a sort of phoenix rising from the refuse / ashes; addressing human impact on the environment told through a character of ancient wisdom linking Afro-Caribbean mas performance traditions. It is a part of The Kula Ring, A Gifting Economy (2016), a transdisciplinary expedition project merging scientific, environmental, and artistic research around ocean conservation and climate change.  



Somebody by Denise Fujiwara, was inspired by Ormsby’s call to action in the wake of George Floyd’s murder. “I suggested a collaborative creative process that resulted in the solo for him.”  Poetry by Giller Prize-winning Canadian author Ian Williams, Poet Laureate of Jamaica 2021-2024, Olive Senior, and Lambda Literary Award winner, American Rosamund S. King shapes the solo rich in contemporary butoh technique. 


Dear Brother 

Joel Valentin-Martinez, through visual research of images and music of significant Black historical periods (Harlem Renaissance, 1960s -1970s, and the era of 80s hip-hop), crafts the solo, Dear Brother, commenting on how we see contemporary Black and Brown lives in shaping music, fashion and popular culture – Friday’s performance of the piece includes a special presentation with three other dance artists (Will Brown (NYC), Benjamin Russell (Toronto), and Kevin Shawn (Calgary) 

Both livestream and in-person tickets are available for April 14 and 15 shows. 


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